Friday, March 26, 2021

OMG, I haven't posted in a year and a half!


Hi. So, I am an autistic human that EXISTS for whatever my current obsession is. Right now, that obsession is perfume. Above you will see a 1998 Hypnotic Poison ad. I've been wearing Hypnotic Poison since that year. I don't know why I'm putting it here...

I don't remember how to blog. Do you? Does anyone read blogs anymore?

Anyway, according to my blog statistics, people still visit this blog. If you are reading this right now, please know that I do still exist. At the top of this page you will see the information for my Buffy podcast, my Etsy page wherein I sell tarot readings, my Mixtress Radio weekly show, my YouTube channel, and my Patreon. I still do all those things. I'm a little nervous as to what this blog contains, considering it has been right here since like what, 2007? I'm too lazy to even check and I'm probably the ONLY person who might be interested in that information.

Anyway, I hope you are well. I hope you are enjoying your life. I hope the pandemic isn't getting you too down. I hope you are able to reclaim some calm in 2021 so far. I would like to say I'll start updating this silly page again, because I do pay for the domain name every goddamn year...but hey, maybe it will be another year and a half. 

Check out the other places I exist on the internet. I am actually a pretty decent tarot reader. I update my Youtube usually weekly. My Buffy podcast is recapping season 5 and we are nearing the END. Lots of emotional stuff going on over there. My weekly radio show is mostly just me talking about my psychological BULLLLLLLLLshit, but I also play music, so it ain't all bad. 

 If you've read this, I like you a lot. Thanks for that.

I hope you have a wonderful time in whatever interval of the day you currently find yourself within. Byeeeeeeee!👽🖤👽

Saturday, October 12, 2019

What's This Bitch Talking About? Living Conditions

"On the plus side, you killed the bench...which was looking shifty." -Oz

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

What's This Bitch Talking About? The Freshman

Season 4 time, darklings!! Also, reluctantly, talking about Angel as a series getting my 20years later treatment every week.

Monday, July 22, 2019


I did a thing that I'd love for people in the tarot community to engage in and pick YOUR favorite of each card from all (or some) of your decks.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

What's This Bitch Talking About? PerCast

I don't know if it's a thing to call podcast episodes about personal shit PerCasts, but I did it, and here it is.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

What's This Bitch Talking About? Enemies

This episode is a good example of why, ultimately, Buffy is not a feminist show. Buffy as a character is never shown to be cultivating female friendships, except with Willow. Willow is largely a "yes" friend that doesn't challenge Buffy's choices or provide any kind of "competition" for her. Any woman that presents as an equal to Buffy is rejected. Further, any woman that isn't seen as an equal (that isn't Willow) is largely ignored by Buffy (Tara, Anya, Cordelia, etc) and often met with bald disdain from her. Faith was never let into the Scooby Gang fully, ultimately because Buffy first didn't accept her. She saw her as a rival and never let her in. She won't even have a real conversation with Faith, ever. She will ONLY talk business, and always reluctantly. In retrospect, perhaps Dawn was the show's answer to this inherent sexism built into Buffy's character. Dawn was placed into the show's arc to be a "rival" to Buffy that she can't reject. She is forced to deal with her sexism to learn to love and protect her sister. It would have been really great to see Faith and Buffy truly rekindling a friendship when she returned in season 7, but we don't get that. We get like two conversations between the two of them wherein Faith keeps her distance and they show a reluctant respect for one another. Buffy is a character that largely interacts with men...white men. It's my favorite show, too. It makes me sad.