Monday, June 24, 2013

Radio Sunnydale.

May 20th it was 10 whole years since the series finale* of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. To celebrate (not solely because I think about Buffy daily), I’d like to talk about the music of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There were some unique treasures of late ‘90s indie girl-grooves and the dying embers of alternative rock within the episodes. I feel like I grew up with Buffy Summers, as she was only a year older than me on the show. Buffy had a knack for having great bands (Splendid, Cibo Matto, Aimee Mann, THC, Velvet Chain, etc) play at “The Bronze”, Sunnydale’s all-ages club. Places like this really existed in the late ‘90s. I used to frequent the Java House and The Grind in Joplin (!) that were similar to this fictitious place. Needless to say, I feel nostalgia in that deep and painful-est corner of my angsty soul every time I see Xander, Willow, and Buffy dancing to swoony-girl tunes at “The Bronze”. 

In my intensely-studied opinion of all things Buffy, there are three main ways to enjoy the music within Sunnydale, California:

1. Create a Pandora station based upon Velvet Chain, Sarah McLachlan, frente!, Cibo Matto, and Rasputina and sit back and enjoy the ‘90s girl-rock. Alternately, listen to my station called, of course, “Radio Sunnydale” here.

2. Simply type in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” into the search box of your favorite music acquisition site and sample some of the best songs the show featured, including musical numbers, scores, and regular old soundtracks. For the most comprehensive-in-chronological-order playlist, email me--
My top ten songs from the series are:
    • Transylvanian Concubine // Rasputina
    • Full of Grace // Sarah McLachlan
    • Spoon // Cibo Matto
    • Need to Destroy // THC
    • Pavlov’s Bell // Aimee Mann
    • Prayer of St Francis // Sarah McLachlan
    • Blue // Angie Hart
    • It Doesn’t Matter // Alison Krauss
    • Strong // Velvet Chain
    • Displaced // Azure Ray
3. Watch/listen to my YouTube playlist of many tasty musical nuggets from the best show ever in the whole history of the universe. Don’t argue with me on this one, just trust. YouTube playlist (in progress, so let me know if anything needs upgraded) can be found here: 

*“Chosen”: effing spectacular feminist series-cap that can be seen on Netflix and Hulu, though if you haven’t seen the series before, there will be HUGE spoilers in the last episode, DUH. Just start from the beginning and celebrate one of the greatest superheroes of all time.