Friday, May 20, 2011

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Homecoming

Episode 39.
airdate: 3 November 1998

This is the one where Mr. Trick and his lackeys try to kill the Slayers at the Homecoming Dance, mistaking Cordelia for Slayer #2 as they're going to the dance together and running against one another for homecoming queen. Another of Buffy's attempts at being "normal" Scott and running for queen. Oops, except Scott breaks up with her because she's "distracted all the time" i.e. emotionally unavailable.

First sighting of the Mayor!!! I heart the Mayor. Joss' patented witty evil, for the first time perfected. The Master wasn't really that funny.

This is also, regrettably, the episode where Xander and Willow start fooling around. I'm not ready! It is an abomination! I don't get it. They're just all-of-the-sudden attracted to one another? No.

So, the limo gets hijacked by Trick and his boys for Slayerfest '98. So, at the time that Buffy has infiltrated Cordy's world by running for queen, Cordy is inadvertently thrown into Buffy's world by being hunted as a Slayer. This is Buffy and Cordelia's bonding episode.

At the end, neither Buffy nor Cordelia win the crown and the Mayor hires Mr. Trick and it is revealed that he's officially an evil guy.