Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Perennial Philosophy, abstraction no.2

Stinky planet E-arrrrrrth.
Chapter 2: "Nature of the Ground"

I'm literally two pages into this chapter (this book is so heady--it may take me some time in the desert to finish it) and the "ground" I take to be the thou in "that art thou". It's like if you cut off one of your arms.

Ok, wait. This is about Atman and Brahman, concepts in Hinduism that are also kinda the basis of Jesus' relationship to God in stinky Christianity. Atman is the "individual soul" and Brahman is the "universal soul". Kind of like how Jesus is meant to be the personified version of God (he IS God). That's each and every person in the universe, but Christianity, like it does with most things, perverted the ancient concept making it all about JESUS and not about each and every one of us, like it should have been.

Ok, so like you cut off your arm and your arm contains all the DNA of you. It used to be part of the whole of you, but now it's a spurting-blood separate piece. Part of our spiritual job on this Earth is to recognize that we are the same as "god" (Brahman). Atman art Brahman, yeah? So that's what I read today. You're supposed to recognize that you are of the source and not separate from the source, if you want to get all Matrix about it. Again, I just interpret this as another way of thinking about everything being made of the same stuff (carbon, stars, DNA, etc). If the concept of "god" is just the universe and everything in it, then I get it, but why call it god? God has such yucky connotations in our culture. I won't ever be able to say the word with a straight face.