Saturday, February 8, 2014

A collection of thoughts best when edited.

I'm feeling pretty insecure about revisions on my novel. My writing is all tell, no show. I'm realizing that this skeleton of a novel requires a tearing down, a rebuild and restructure. A whole mess of work will need to go into it and today was an experience of insecurity as I tried to tackle a bit of it. I don't know what I'm doing at all. I am aware that my choices are to quit or to keep going until a glacial pace becomes something more akin to movement. I want to choose the unpaved path, but I'm stumbling...

quite literally, as I fell down the stairs a few hours ago. I wanted to go down to get a glass of water as I was bellydancing and, with my left hand on the railing and my right hand holding the glass, I went down on the FIRST step. If it weren't for the railing, it would have been much worse, but I slid on my back and right ass cheek, weight distributed as evenly as it can be on my right flank. All. the. Way. Down. This is the fourth time I've fallen down these stairs. My right ass cheek feels like a watermelon and my back has stair-burn, but I still finished bellydancing (after crying and then downing a couple of ibuprofen) and I am still going out tonight to have a few whiskey drinks with friends.

Because, though I am untrained and I am insecure and I am a bit swollen, at least I spent time creating today.

I thank the ass gods that I was graced with plenty of meat to protect my bones and I thank my sweet husband for installing a railing a few months ago.

I was also going to write about how I feel about cultural appropriation and the new Dum Dum Girls album, but I think I'll start getting ready to go out instead. Might as well wear my new lipstick and a dress that accentuates a swollen ass.

So, look forward to the following articles soon:

*cultural appropriation: This white girl is all for it as long as it's not done to mock another culture, because a/ she has no culture and b/ her bindhi isn't hurting anyone

*Dum Dum Girls // Too True: amazing Cure-inspired album has been on repeat all week.