Saturday, December 29, 2018

What's This Bitch Talking About? Buffy Comics & New Year's Resolutions

As y'all know, we are on a small hiatus from my usual format of talking about each episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer exactly 20 years after its original airdate. We will be back to talk about "Gingerbread" on January 12th.

As I was reading the season 12 graphic novel this morning, I realized it was the end. The end end. Wha??? I had no idea Dark Horse was dropping the series and that this one little eensy weensy graphic novel was not only the entirety of season 12, but the end of the canonical comics! So, I decided to talk about my initial reactions to the end of the comic series and also the series as a whole, as I remember it. I have been reading them since they started back in 2007. And also some New Years Resolutions, because I always have them. What about you guys? Do you do the resolu?

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