Sunday, June 21, 2009

i heart technology.

Yesterday I revisited an old pasttime. That of making mixes on an actual oldschool audio cassette. I called the mix tape "experiments in tape" because it is just that; an experiment. I forgot all that is involved in making the mix tape, such as setting record levels, knowing where to put the "line in" and "line out", waiting for the actual song to transfer in REAL time. It was meditative. It was like getting back on a bike or driving a stick again after years of a boring automatic transmission. I recorded from other tapes, from cds, from the radio, and EVEN from my ipod!!! I've never recorded from ipod to cassette before!!! I am in love. Again.
The above cassette is an old (3/14/1987) cassette of Kate Bush's "The Dreaming". It's one of the prettiest tapes I still have. I want my future mix tape tattoo based on one of the oldies like this.

This is me trying to look cool with my hi fidelity headphones.

Most of these pictures feature my dad's super old (probably from the '70s) stereo. I love old electronics!!! His features all kinds of visual indicators and equalizers and knobs's hot.

This is my extreme excitement at having just made a mix tape for the first time in (at least) six years...also I was testing the "anti-blur" setting on my camera, which works great by the way.