Monday, June 29, 2009

a few blueberry pickin' pictures.

Mmmmm, locally-grown berry-pickin' awesomeness. I'd like to thank the Schuster family for being awesome and growing a bunch of their own food and especiallyespecially for being willing to share it for free with us. I'd like to thank my roommies for coming out (I need to get less shy with the picture-taking because I didn't get any pictures of Jill and Adam at all) and adding to the berry-pickin' good time. I'd also especially like to thank the weather for being absolutely perfect. The air was cool and fragrant with naturey life!! I had an awesome awesome weekend and I'm giddy with how many times I've put the word "awesome" in my blog the last two days.

Mark said, "Do you want to take a picture of my face lit by the sunset?" Yes, nerd. ;)

Berry loot!!

Berry monster!

Freaky cat with extra toes attacked my camera strap!!

After berry-pickin', Luna was jealous she didn't get to go.

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