Monday, July 6, 2009

My weekend in KC, MO in reverse chronological order.

Me and Michael on the way back from KC.

This is a bad shot, but it's Michael inside an abstract, womb-like sculpture in the gardens of the Nelson museum in KC.

Nelson gardens.

There was a lot of Pabst art in KC. They love their Pabst and so does Michael. The piece with the guy and the squid was titled "I am the Pabst." I love city murals. We need some in Joplin!!

Wildflowers in someone's yard in Westport.

The boys were all excited that KC has Pabst in bottles!

On the 4th, we ended up on a bridge over the highway (not sure if it was 71 or what) looking at fireworks all over the horizon 360 degrees around us. It was cool.

A cool poster in Tracy's (Jill's friend we stayed with in Westport) son's Caius's room.

At the Asian market.

At the open air market where they had EVERYTHING (fruits, veggies, spices, nuts, oh my).

Yeay for graffiti!!

Bernadette and me.

Caius' art the morning of the 4th.

Wisely and Bernadette (although Caius wants to name her Susan).

Nick (Tracy's bf) and Michael playing chess on Tracy's porch night of the 3rd.

Nick's puggies Maddox and Norman.

Michael doing his Virgin Mary pose in arch of Z in-and-out Grocery.

The most charming bookstore I've ever seen: Prospero's Books. JUST across the street from Tracy's.