Monday, July 20, 2009

Evidence of a Bodacious Weekend.

Man make fire. Fire good.

Friday evening we had a lovely little bonfire for my little sis' Cara to celebrate the furthering of her career. She's going away to Tulsa for a whole month to grooming school!! Above you'll see me in a bellydancing scarf. I tend to get it out at bonfires when someone (in this case, Mark) starts the hand drums.

Me and my dawwgies.

Luna and her multicolored eyes...and a squirrel statue.

My mom and Inga.

Fun with pink wig: this shot, Cara.


Fruity Mike.

Saturday at 6pm began Mark's birthday festivities. Here he is drinking a Thai Iced Tea at JB Elephant.
The demolished Thai custard dessert Mark got for free. SOOOO good.

After Thai food came Freddy's ice cream. This is my peanut butter concrete.

One of Mark's Bday presents, given by the lovely Sarah Scheidemantel.

Phase 4 of Mark's Bday Extravaganza was '80s night at Plamor Lounge. Here's me and Jill before departure.

Dancing to Thriller (I think) at Plamor!

Michael's look was based on '80s punk. Chaos Rules...or meanders directionlessly...

Just call me Lady GaGa of the '80s.

Me and Jonathan are fierce!

Pretty Kenny in rawkin' mohawk.

Look out! It's '80s-Flamin'-shirt-Mark!

Jill got 2nd (shoulda been first) place in the costume contest in her graffiti dress.

Last call.

This could be an album cover.

Ben Miller Band played at JPL Sunday afternoon. It was fabulous.

Jill hosted a BBQ last night at our house. It was well attended by humans AND dogs, full of meat (cow courtesy of Josh and Genevieve) and amazing homemade black bean hummus (by Michael) and veggie burgers (by Jill), and included a bonfire made possible by my manly fire-makin' boyfriend (see picture at top of blog). The evening ended with Michael and I drinking ginger-peppermint tea by the fire and an episode of Angel (not pictured).

*Also Not Pictured (events of the weekend): Saturday afternoon-Tea Party at Post Memorial Art Library (inside JPL). Kinda lame (the speaker; not other hosts, setting, guests, or tea itself). Sunday afternoon before Ben Miller-Michael and I had lunch at my grandparent's house. Sunday afternoon after Ben Miller-Michael and I went swimming with Nate and Bethany. They made fun of my pasty legs as I lounged by the pool watching Michael swim gayly about with a goofy grin on his face.

Another Best Weekend Ever. I love my life.