Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Primeval.

Episode 77.
airdate: 16 May 2000.

Buffy can't find Riley because he's with Adam. Adam explains to Riley that he has a chip too and Adam has activated it. He seems to be relatively under Adam's physical control. He speaks when Adam tells him to speak and sits when Adam tells him to sit. I'm trying not to dislike Riley this time, I really am, and it's (mostly) working, but he is SUCH the mindless tool sometimes, man. Adam is telling Riley they're "brothers" and stuff. Giles is hungover. Willow goes to get her laptop at his place and it's all awkward. Buffy is home alone. She feels isolated from her BFFs and picks up the phone, but doesn't call anyone. Instead she starts packing weapons. Xander is moping in bed. Anya comforts him in the blunt tactless way she knows how.

Buffy is caving-it, alone, in search of Adam. She finds his lair. He's not there. He's in the Initiative with Riley. Walsh is a reanimated corpse. So is that other authority/scientist-dude that was close with Walsh. And Forrest is reanimated too, only he has verbal skills, unlike the other two. Buffy finds Spike in Adam's lair. I should start calling my house my lair. Sounds so cool. Forrest is talking about how being a modified corpse is the best thing that ever happened to him. Walsh injects Riley with something. It's all very cryptic. Everyone (Xander, Willow, Buffy, and Giles) meets on campus: neutral territory. It comes out that Spike is the one that told them all the stuff. "Well, piffle, let's all move on" says Giles, and they agree, but they're still fractured. Buffy realizes the whole plan of the Initiative/Adam, somehow.

Spike is still whining about the chip, but Adam's still stalling. The Feisty Four are back at Giles' trying to find a way to defeat Adam.

"So, all we need is combo-Buffy. Her, with Slayer-strength, Giles' multilingual-know-how and Willow's witchy power." says Xander. And that's the ticket! Xander saves the day, again! They're going to do an "adjoining spell". They infiltrate the Initiative by repelling, since they can't use the elevators anymore without Buffy's retinal passwords and shit. Gives Willow and Buffy time to talk things out. They make up. Then there's a suuuuuuuuuper cute hug with Buffy, Willow, and Xander. Spike is whining about the chip again. Adam isn't going to follow through after all, so Spike tries to run. Forrest tries to kill him. Buffy is trying to tell the Initiative authorities what's up, but they're being all territorial and dumb and they try to hold Buffy/Willow/Xander/Giles hostage, but Buffy kicks their asses instead. All locks in the Initiative have been disengaged by Adam, except the exits. "Demon open house" as Xander observes. They have to fight their way to a quiet place for Xander/Giles/Willow to do their spell and Buffy to get to Adam. The zombies attack Buffy as she realizes Riley is under their control. Riley is visibly trying to help Buffy. He eventually cuts the chip out of his shoulder. Fighting fighting fighting. Riley is helping Buffy after removing the chip. He kills the zombies as Buffy escapes to find Adam.

Buffy and Adam fight. Adam has an assault rifle arm. The spell takes effect. Buffy gets all yellow-eyed and awesome. Gives me chills. Buffy is all-Neo-ing it up now. It's soooooo freaking awesome! She bicycle kicks Adam and rips out his heart as her eyes turn red. "You cannot even begin to grasp the source of our power." So freaking rad, man! Spike is killing demons. Everyone is exhausted. Man, that was cool. You have to watch it. The symbolism of Buffy only being able to defeat Adam through the literal combination of her with her friends is just freakin' precious, as per usual.

Commentary (by David Fury and James Contner) notes added 5.12.13: So far just explaining major plot points, but this is the culmination of the season (for all intents and purposes, though "Restless" is the actual last episode of the season), so I will stick out the commentary for at least half the episode, but if they remain boring, I will cut them loose because my time is too valuable. That's a joke; my time being valuable, not that I'll skip out on this commentary if it bores me. I'll give it twelve minutes...they're still just explaining the plot and minor details of shooting. 30 seconds...will you interest me, David and James? Nope.