Saturday, March 2, 2013

Movie Analysis Final Thoughts.

Here's the top five with their final scores:

1. High Fidelity: 46

2. Empire Records: 40.875

3. The Matrix: 40.33

4. Best In Show: 39

5. The Breakfast Club: 37.43

I would NOT have thought I liked "The Matrix" as much as I, evidently, do. Now that I'm thinking on new movies I have loved, I'd like to rate "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" and "Like Crazy" as well, but I'll save that for another time and update this list as needed. I'm also surprised "Clueless" didn't make the top five. I might need to make sure that one got top points for replayability. I may have scored it incorrectly. Of course, all of these are subject to how I was feeling as I watched them. And my memories of watching them in the past. I need some more time with drag movies as well, as I'm sure one of them needs to be on this list as well. I should have rated "The Birdcage", but there are some serious flaws in that film, although I love it tremendously anyway. It would have rated low, but I still will watch it anytime, anywhere.

Ok, well that's that. I started this project many months ago. Check out the remaining 8 movies below and how they rate. I also watched "Carrie" and "The Crow", but disqualified them both. I don't even think I have a blog entry on "The Crow". I'm too lazy and tipsy to check right now, so I'm done.

6. Napoleon Dynamite: 36

7. Clueless: 35.67

8. Moulin Rouge: 35.6

9. The Big Lebowski: 34

10. Bridesmaids: 33

11. Young Adult: 33

12. Mallrats: 31.14

13. Real Genius: 29.2