Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Yoko Factor.

Episode 76.
airdate: 9 May 2000.

Last three episodes of the season. Let's do this, kids!

Spike and Adam are still ally-ing. Spike is trying to convey to Adam that Buffy is seriously efficient at eliminating "big bad"s. Adam decides that if Spike helps dislocate Buffy's friends from her, he can more effectively eliminate her. So, Spike is the Yoko Factor. And he's good at it too.

Apparently, B is in L.A. visiting Angel for some reason. I think it has something to do with Faith. Giles is singing "Freebird". Hot. Spike shows up. He knows where "files" are in the Initiative. He nurtures a bit of animosity between Giles and Buffy with subtle wordplay. Tells him she treats Giles "like a retired librarian". Giles is boozing it up as Spike tells him this. Riley goes to see Buffy. She looks exhausted. She's back from L.A. too, btw, and keeping secrets. It's officially her thing now, and forevermore. Spike makes up some stuff about Xander joining the Army and the others talking about it, in order to get him to think they're talking about him behind his back. The way he does it is so crafty, too. I would believe him. Buffy and Riley's former BFF are both investigating a cave and fighting when they run into Adam. Buffy tries to get Riley-BFF to leave, but he doesn't and he gets skewered, of course.

Giles is still drinking. Spike is doing his Yoko mojo with Tara and Willow. Macbooks used to look so silly with the upside-down apple. Angel is in town. He runs into Riley. Jealousy crap. Fighting ensues. Buffy comes home after her fight with Adam and she's wounded. Angel goes to see her. Riley shows up moments later and more jealousy follows. Riley acts all protective. Angel is sweet, and jealous, which is impossibly sweet. "Oh, and Riley? I don't like him." Then he leaves.

Then Buffy says something a lot of people should say when there's jealousy involved: "Have I ever given you any reason not to trust me?" Riley says, "no". She replies, "Then why with the crazy?" She tells Riley that Forrest (Riley-BFF's NAME!) is dead. Everyone is together at Giles'. They start fighting a bunch after all the resentment Spike nurtured that has been growing all season. I love Giles' apartment. It's so cozy and studious. That's (almost) exactly how I would live if I was Giles. And of course I secretly wish to be Giles. Tara and Anya hide in the bathroom while everyone is fighting. Buffy yells and then she says mean, hurtful things and then storms out.

The last shot is Riley showing up in Adam's cave. Adam tells him he's been waiting for him.

To be continued...