Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day Three: Raw Food Challenge.

3 of 7.

And I'm over it. I think I've gleaned from it what I need to get out of it. I think from now on I will adopt better breakfast habits (maybe have fruit and muesli instead of raisin toast and Cheerios) and I definitely think I will start choosing salad and smaller portions/healthier options for lunch every day. I also think that this experience has taught me to think differently about snacking. Despite my overall hunger while doing this diet/cleanse, I've realized that a banana and/or a handful of nuts and raisins is plenty for a snack. I think I will start taking a tiny Tupperware of nuts with me in my purse wherever I go, because most of the time, that's enough if I'm feeling peckish.

So, although I am still on the diet, I feel like I've proven to myself that I can do it and gotten what I needed from it healthwise.

I have been cheating a little. The nuts I eat are roasted, not raw, but we have a TON of nuts in the house and I refuse to spend 40$ on raw nuts when they taste like crap and I have a more than adequate supply of tasty nuts in my cabinets already. I also had a piece of Ezekiel bread today and a greek yogurt. But, I don't consider these falling-off-the-wagon offenses. I'm not really a purist at heart, so it's not a point of my pride to see if I can be 100% raw foodist for 7 days. I know I CAN, but I would also like the path of least resistance in life. I am doing this to integrate the benefits of this diet into my everyday life, and as I have already thought about how I will do this, I feel I have accomplished this goal.

So why am I sticking with it, then? Two reasons: one, Michael is very invested in this, so I am sticking it out with him, and two, Vanity: I am hoping to lose weight. A diet that consists of fruits, veggies, nuts, and greens should afford at least a 5-pound loss, right? I hope so, though I'm still 145 (as always) at present.

For nothing else, this is a great way to flush the crap out of my system. I will hold to higher regard the achievement of abstaining from alcohol, coffee, sweets, and soda for 7 days than subsisting on fruits and veggies alone.

Also, the light at the end of the tunnel is Indian food on Sunday!!! I just need a picture of Navratan Korma in my pocket at all times to remind myself that I will survive!!