Thursday, April 12, 2012

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Freshman.

Episode 57 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
airdate: 5 Oct 1999.

Time for season 4!

Buffy hasn't picked her college courses...big surprise. She's not totally in it. She was never an academic girl, but she's schooled in the ways of slayin'. Ok, so I haven't done one of these in awhile. I'm rusty. Bear with me. I'm always jealous when I see kids going off to college in pop culture. The whole idea of leaving home and living in a different place and meeting new friends you'll have for life. My experience at college didn't happen until I was in my mid-twenties and I was already all growed-up. I only made a couple of friends in college and I don't hang out with them much anyway.

Willow's hair looks awesome. She's officially not a nerd-girl anymore and visually transitioning to lesbian. Oh, god, Riley already? Buffy looks so cute in her flowery dress. She looks grown up. Ack, roommate with the Celine Dion poster! I bet it's so weird living with a stranger...but if you bond, I bet you're friends for life...see? Jealous again. If I had it to do over, I would absolutely apply to multiple colleges and go to school at 18. It seems so cool to JUST have to go to school and not work right away after high school.

Buffy feels alienated. I don't remember her being so insecure at the beginning of the series when she started Sunnydale High. Totally cute blonde vampire chick kills the first other freshman Buffy bonds with. Buffy goes to see Giles and finds he is listening to David Bowie and is with a beautiful woman visiting from England. Giles is so sexy.

Buffy asks Giles for help and Giles tells her she can handle the situation herself. She feels rejected. Tons of going-to-college-not-really-metaphor. "Are we going to fight or is there going to be a monster sarcasm rally?" The cute blonde vampire is named Sunday. That's so cool. Buffy doesn't do well in the fight and has to run off. She goes to see her mom and her room is all taken over by art gallery stuff. She is getting no comfort anywhere. When she gets back to the dorm, the vampires have stolen all her stuff and left a note in her handwriting to make it look as if she'd taken off, which is their M.O. when they kill a freshman. Next, she tries the Bronze for comfort and Xander is there! He's been on the road during the summer having a Kerouac adventure and shit.

He seems a little more confident. He immediately notices Buffy is not adjusting well and councils her. This is one of Xanders first forays into the "heart" of the group. He's really just been a clueless doofus most of the time. They finally figured out his character. The road trip did it...made him all manly and self-assured. He cheers her up and they go investigate. They find their lair. Buffy accidentally drops in on them prematurely (falls in through a skylight) and they're kicking her ass for a bit before Buffy gets her confidence back and Xander steps in with Oz and Willow. Giles shows up after they kill the vampires, so they're all together again at the end of the episode.

And there's a glimpse of dudes in army attire tasering a vampire during the very last scene and credits...