Saturday, April 21, 2012

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Fear Itself

Episode 60.
airdate: 26 Oct 1999.

Halloween episode! Buffy is still moping..."post-Parker depression". Giles looks cute in a poncho and sombrero.

Professor Walsh looks like the female version of Riley. Riley is actually pretty sweet. OMG, am I going to like him this time around? It takes a long time to get used to the corn-fed Iowa boys, but he has his endearing charms...slightly. I still wouldn't date him.

Buffy is red riding hood with weapons in the basket. Xander is James Bond. Willow is Joan of Arc. Oz is God, portrayed by a nametag that says "Hello, my name is God". Anya is a bunny.

There's a frat party that's all scary Halloweeny, and of course it ends up REAL scary Halloweeny 'cause the boys drew demonic symbols on the floor and accidentally got blood on it (Oz cut his hand on a speaker wire). Anya is late to the party and there's no door to the house so she can't get in. The windows close up in front of her eyes. Xander becomes invisible. Anya goes to get Giles. "Summoning spell, temporal flux." Oz starts turning into a werewolf. Willow does a spell that goes awry. Buffy is ineffectual as a savior and abandoned. It's everyone's worst fears realized.

Their fears are manifesting the demon; feeding it to fruition. When the fear demon manifests, it is only a few inches tall. Cute, right? Your fears are smaller than you realize.