Monday, April 16, 2012

the pro/con list for Spotify and MOG.

I've subscribed to both and have been very indecisive about which to make my primary music subscription service.


*has 320kbps options
*has scrobbling (to scrobble means to upload your music-listening stats to It's super-awesome...sign up...I have no friends on there!) support for
*has cool music-discovery apps that I use such as and
*cool genre-based radio
*can see what your facebook friends are listening to and listen to their playlists which would be AWESOME if any of my friends listened ever...or made mixes...ever.

*320 has been speculated to not translate to all songs or not be converted properly and doesn't sound as crisp as MOG's 320.
*has a very flawed "play queue" flawed that I created a playlist called queue so I don't even mess with it at all.
*interface is pretty but can be a little overcrowded.


*very good 320kbps sound quality
*simple interface
*cool artist-only continuum radio
*high quality artwork
*has a specified iPad app
*has better app interface for iPhone too

*does NOT scrobble to It says it does, but it does not. This is a big deal for me.
*doesn't have good enough music discovery features.

I would choose MOG in a heartbeat if it scrobbled properly because then the ONLY downside would be that I would have to go to and separately to find new music to listen to if I don't know beforehand. This has plagued my day...I love MOG so much but I can't find any hacks to get it to scrobble. I gotta have my music stats, man.

On a happier note, I have previously lamented that Pandora listening won't scrobble, but today while I was painstakingly searching for a way to get MOG to scrobble, I found a cool Chrome extension that will do it for Pandora, so now that I have reluctantly given up on MOG as my primary subscription service, pretty much everything I listen to (from Spotify, Pandora, and iTunes) will be scrobbled from now on.

If you want to stalk me on and see all my dirty listening secrets, go to From here you can see what a profile looks like and what it does so you'll be enticed to start an account and then tell me about it so I can music-stalk you!


  1. Apparently, they were having issues with it the past couple days. It's back up and running now!!/mogdotcom/status/191981777487790081

    1. cool! Now I have another decision to make. Blurgh.