Friday, May 4, 2012

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Initiative

Episode 63.
airdate: 16 Nov 1999.

Episode opens with Riley and a friend in the lunchroom. They are observing Buffy acting all clumsy. Riley calls her "peculiar".

Spike is in a cell all parched and wearing his grey jeans. I love grey jeans. I need some of those. Camera pans to show that there are MANY such cells inside a big white mysterious building. Xander looks hot in a worn v-neck sweats/sweater. Giles' place is officially becoming a hang-out/meeting place.

Giles and Xander are hanging out a lot because they both feel like unneeded outliers. Riley realizes he has a crush on Buffy. The MOMENT he realizes he goes to find her and ask her out. What a manly-man. Blugh. At least he's sweet.

Meanwhile, in the vampire cell block, Spike is blaming everything on Buffy: "Bitch finally got some funding!" He escapes, of course. Strangely, he goes to see Harmony first. Harmony has turned a new leaf. She's hanging unicorn posters and is all empowered, kinda. She still falls for Spike after only cursory hesitation. Buffy drags Willow to a party wherein she's Riley's in for Buffy, so Willow is helping Riley talk to her, with a caveat: "Remember, if you hurt her, I will beat you to death with a shovel...a vague disclaimer is nobody's friend."

Xander finds Harmony in the woods burning a bunch of Spike's stuff and they're all posture-y and have a really hilarious girly fight. There's a lot of hair-pulling. Buffy is kind of lame for dragging Willow out to a party in order to cheer her up and then not hanging out with her much.

Riley is involved in something funky. It's the Initiative. The Army-lookin' dudes. Professor Walsh is the head of the thing. They're going to find "Hostile 17". Buffy goes out to find Spike for some reason. Spike is looking for her. Riley sees Buffy out waiting for Spike and tries to get her to go home, displaying a lot of machismo and a little bit chauvenistic.

Spike shows up at Buffy and Willow's dorm and Willow is there. He tries to bite Willow, but can't. There's a cute impotence metaphor here. Willow ends up comforting him and then he reassures her. So cute. Yeay, I love it when Spike's all neutered. He's so much more fun when he's vulnerable. Hostile 17 is Spike, of course. Buffy ends up fighting Riley, though she doesn't know he's Riley, since he's all masked. Spike gets away.

Buffy tells Riley the next morning that HE'S peculiar, so you know she's starting an inkling of liking him back.