Monday, May 21, 2012

Top Five.

This is the Current, Etc article that came out last Thursday:

If we, as a society, have learned anything from High Fidelity (the book and/or the movie) I hope that it is this: that Top Five lists are important not only in everyday conversation, but in knowing if someone is worth your time or not.  You might want to reevaluate a friendship after finding that Lynyrd Skynyrd is among their Top Five Artists of All Time.  Your crush on that redhead in Physics may turn to true love when she states that Beck’s “Sea Change” is on her Top Five Breakup Albums, because now you know she REALLY gets you.  Your assignment for the end of May is to compose some Top Five lists of your own: they can be Top Five Flavors of Pop Tarts or Top Five People In My Life.  These lists can be about anything, and making them may just tell you something you didn’t know about yourself or those you love.  Email me your lists at

Here are some of my music-related Top Five Lists (hopefully none of these will be dealbreakers, but in friendships, you gotta put it all out there, I always say):

Top Five Albums Ever:
*Portishead // Dummy
*The Cure // Pornography
*Fiona Apple // Tidal
*Kate Bush // The Dreaming
*Tori Amos // Under the Pink

Top Five Breakup Albums:
*Tori Amos // Boys for Pele
*Beck // Sea Change
*The Cure // Disintegration
*Fiona Apple // Extraordinary Machine
*Zero7 // When It Falls

Top Five Makeout Albums:
*Sarah McLachlan // Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
*Massive Attack // Heligoland
*Goldfrapp // Supernature
*Cibo Matto // Viva! La Woman
*Fiona Apple // Tidal

Top Five Dance Songs:
*Lady GaGa // Telephone
*Beyonce // Run the World (Girls)
*Benny Benassi // California Dreamin’
*Goldfrapp // Ooh La La
*Shakira // Ojos Asi

Top Five Soundtracks/Scores:
*Marie Antoinette
*Virgin Suicides
*Velvet Goldmine
*Passion: Music for the Last Temptation of Christ
*Social Network

Top Five MarioKart Albums for the 5-disc Shuffle (whilst playing MarioKart 64, of course):
*Cake // Fashion Nugget
*Queens of the Stone Age // Lullabies to Paralyze
*MIA // /\/\ /\ Y /\
*Weezer // (blue album)
*Radiohead // Kid A

Top Five Albums of 2012:
*Santigold // Master of My Make Believe
*Sleigh Bells // Reign of Terror
*Grimes // Visions
*Fiona Apple // Idler Wheel... (yeah, it’s not out yet, I have THAT much confidence in it)
*TBA (We’ve still got 7 months for something AWESOME to happen, and I’m sure it will, as long as The Wolf & the Wolverine put something out...hint hint)