Monday, May 21, 2012

The Distance.

Another mix, babies.  If you're looking for a way to celebrate the anniversary of the Destructive Wind of 2011 that's a little more funky than the Tour of Destruction that's going on tomorrow, here's a mix I made about survival, again via YouTube.  This one is almost entirely music videos, so it can be very visually stimulating--no tornado footage, I promise!  The below soundcloud file is an introduction from Ms. Jackson, 'cause I know you're nasty.  Play that first.

And here's the tracklist in case you want to skip through to your favorites:

Army of Me // Bjork
Bad Reputation // Joan Jett
Blackbird // Glee version
Blow // Ke$ha
The Bomb // New Young Pony Club
Born This Way // Lady GaGa
Bulletproof // La Roux
Cheated Hearts // Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The Distance // Cake
Empty // Metric
Everybody Got Their Something // Nikka Costa
Extraordinary Machine // Fiona Apple
Human Nature // Madonna
Outta Me, Onto You // Ani DiFranco
Run the World (Girls) // Beyonce
Silent All These Years // Tori Amos
Strut // Sheena Easton
Telephone // Lady GaGa
Try Again // Aaliyah
You Don't Own Me // Lesley Gore

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