Friday, September 11, 2009

Aack! Life has happened without documentation!

What has happened in the month and a week that I haven't posted, you ask? Well...
The above picture shows the tattoo I promised, in the last blog, to get. Foot fungus!!! Yeay!!
Above, a picture of me with Tundra (left) and Alphonzo (right), our newest and bounciest family members. We haven't had a ferret-warming party yet, but these weasels are bringing joy to our days for sure!

Twister is always a good time.

After a frustrating two weeks and five days, I got my engagement ring back from Tick-O-Time Jewelry with a gorgeous purple sapphire in place of the white stone (see last blog for before picture) that 'twas at center stage. I picked the sapphire out myself online! I loveitloveitloveit, because I made it mine! It looks different in flourescent and natural!

This is my new LG Neon I just got today after three years with my Razr. It's a new era. No more predictive text!A couple of weeks ago I realized that my Chacos are uncomfortable because they were too wide, so I ordered some regular width ones (and gave my wide ones to Jill) and here they are. Beautiful, yeah? I think I shall go for a cemetery walk later, perhaps.

So, not much has been happening. New tattoo, new semester (classes I'm taking are Physics, Statistics, Sociology of Religion, and Animal Behavior), new phone, new ferrets, new shoes, new life and wedding to plan for (yeay!)...oh, and 4 of our roommates are leaving us on October 15th: Jill, Adam, Inga, and Psymon (see a previous blog for visual aids), just one month after our two year anniversary of living together (me, Michael, Jill, and Inga...Psymon and Adam came about 7ish months later). Jill and Adam are buying their first house!! Whoa. Life is still awesome!