Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Juno (2007).

replayability: 8.5
music: 6
dialogue: 9
atmosphere: 8.5
characters: 8.5
TOTAL: 40.5

Let me just start by saying that I don't normally enjoy the music of Kimya Dawson or The Moldy Peaches. If it weren't for the opening shots of Ellen Page and "the most magnificent living room set" she's ever seen, I would have been immediately turned off when that music started...but because of this movie, I no longer hate it with the fire of a thousand suns. I can tolerate it and even have a few of the Kimya songs from the soundtrack in my music collection.

I know a lot of people complain about the dialogue-heaviness in this movie, particularly the opening scenes with Rainn Wilson, but this is exactly the reason I love Diablo Cody. Dialogue-Heavy are practically the magic words when it comes to me and the movies I love. But not like Quentin Tarantino-dialogueheavy, but, well like this movie. I know kids don't talk like this, but it's definitely for me. "Young Adult" may need to be on my list too. It's so new that I didn't count it, but perhaps I should. I'm thisclose to being done with this project and I'm adding new movies.

I almost never watched this movie, because I knew it was about a teenage girl that decided to keep her unwanted child. I'm pro-"nipitinthebud"-girl all the way, baby. This movie is just too cute, though. And hey, it's called pro-CHOICE for a reason. Juno chose to have the kid and I can respect that because at least she knew she was "ill-equipped".

This movie was my introduction to The Kinks, I'm ashamed to say...and I still really only like "Well Respected Man". And Buddy Holly's "Dearest" is an excellent song, as well. I think I'm obsessed with all these teen movies because I need to constantly remind myself to be as alive as I felt as a teenager. I think most adults could use this advice. What's wrong with a little mismatched clothes, some inappropriate commentary in polite conversation, and just generally living in the emotionally underdeveloped moment? I'm into that, for sure. It's easy to forget to question how you feel and what you want at any given moment. I know I'm always writing this sentiment, but again, it's easy to lose track of LIFE. Full and vibrant life!

You know what's "gender neutral"? Everything. Including people, essentially--if we'd get out of our own ways and let everyone be however they are, but it would be so impossible to raise a child without gender "norms" invading them from all angles of society. I just immediately like someone when they question these norms. Not that this movie does that, so I'm off topic...

I hate the parts where you're nervous husband-dude is going to molest Juno. It's such a weird plot development. I guess there had to be a catalyst for him leaving his unfulfilling life, but it makes me so uncomfortable even still. Sonic Youth does suck. There, I said it. Except for "Bee Bee's Song" and that Carpenters cover from this soundtrack.

I love the father/daughter talk in this and every other movie wherein there's a touching, yet humorous father/daughter lecture, like in "Pretty In Pink" and shit. Sage dad advice. Good stuff.

I love how Cody freaks you out in the last 20 minutes of the movie, making you think she's going to keep the baby after all, but then she doesn't, 'cause she's smart. I also love how Juno's BFF appears to be a popular cheerleader, but it's never brought up as an issue that she's so close with weirdo Juno.
Michael Cera used to be so cute and sweet. Wonder if he still is.

"I know people are supposed to fall in love before they reproduce, but I guess normalcy just isn't our style." Cute.