Tuesday, July 1, 2014

life updates...

Let's get this shit out the way.

I'm doing Camp NaNoWriMo again in July because the only way I write anything is if I have some sort of deadline/goal. My goal is this: write in this blog every day in July and eventually reach a word count of 35,000 by month's end.

I haven't really been writing. What I've written in this blog is all I've written since the last Camp NaNoWriMo in April. That's pretty bleak. I think I've forgotten how to write. The starting is important. When it comes to creativity, quantity has always meant more to me than quality....because quality is the child of quantity. Let's see if we can birth some nuggets of writerly epiphany this July.

First, the labor pains. How far can I take this horrible metaphor?

I've been frenetically productive the last five days or so. I now have multiple internet endeavors to promote. The YouTube channel has almost 50 subscribers now and I am putting out videos pretty consistently every Friday. They are pretty terrible and suck up a lot of my paltry internet connectivity, but I enjoy making them and feel that I am getting something out of them. I have this need to pontificate constantly, and a format wherein I have to speak out loud (something I am not good at) is teaching me how to, well, speak out loud. Perhaps one day I might even graduate into "articulate".

Friday I started a radio station. For many reasons, this particular radio station is not going to work out. Then I started another one. The second one is free, but it will only be able to play music when the station itself is live, so here is the link but don't bother clicking it unless I've posted spontaneously on facebook that I am broadcasting or it's Friday between the hours of 4pm and 8pm CST--the only time in my week that I can for sure do an actual radio show. I have a whole detailed story about my experience with learning how to start a radio station, but I will save that blog for a day when I can organize my thoughts.

I also started Chickweed Issue #10 this weekend and finished it yesterday. It's a mini-zine, taking up only 1/4 of a standard letter sheet instead of my usual 1/2 page zines. It's also being printed on a single sheet of 11" x 17" paper folded into an 8-page zine. It will have (a variation of) my mixtape image I use for everything on the back so that it can be unfolded into a poster print. I copied the zine content today but will have to wait until I can order a print of the mixtape before I'll be able to copy the other side and distribute it. This smaller size cost considerably less to produce than my zines usually do. Perhaps I might even be able to make more per year if I do a few of them in this smaller format. I should be able to tape the zine and slap a stamp on it too, so the mailing costs will also be considerably less. If you'd like a copy, let me know via email or facebook msg (I stress the MSG part because the facebook messages go through the messenger app on my phone and I get them immediately, whereas I probably won't see if you post on my wall or something for DAYS, being that I avoid facebook like the plaaaaaaaague). This issue of Chickweed sadly will not have a mix, because it is so small and I wanted to keep the costs down on this one. Do let me know anytime you want a mix and I'll send you a package of musical goodness.

Another aspect of the radio station that I am planning on implementing this month is an integration between the blog, YouTube channel, and "radio". Because I won't be able to maintain a 24/7 radio station (for finiteness of time, money, and internet capability), I would like to update my YouTube playlists to reflect all the mixes I make/have made (the ones I still have record of, anyway) and post them here several times a week. That way, YOU have the power to skip songs you don't like alongside the benefit of listening via YouTube apps....plus the added bonus of visual aids alongside the music. I'd really like to make the MIX in Mixtress more of a widespread virus. He he.

Seriously, though, I fucking accomplished a radio station, y'all! A life dream finally realized. I've already done a few giddy broadcasts. I will have to pay a licensing fee of $60 to have a radio show longer than an hour, which I hope to have done by Friday's show. It's all happening and it feels really really good, even though it's just a free thing that anyone can do...I will feel like I have a voice even if no one is listening. I will warn you that the station can only be heard through a flash-capable browser for now. The interface of the website is pretty '90s, too. If I get a few consistent listeners, I will be able to justify upgrading my station for $5/mo in order for it to be accessible via SHOUTcast apps. So please do let me know if you listen to my station and what you think. It will be a clunky start, but all starts are.

That's all the babble I have in me tonight. I'm overjoyed to be putting myself out there more. I'm actually proud to have a YouTube channel, a blog, a zine, and a radio station. If I can manage to create enough of a work ethic to bump up the quality of each of these things, I may actually feel like a worthwhile human on this planet. That's where I am...finding worth through the expression of highly personal and sloppy indulgences. I can only hope that someone will gain something from it somewhere along the path.

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