Friday, January 22, 2016

MixtressRae's Top 50 Albums of All Time

The rules I used in figuring out my top 50:

*one artist can't have more than two albums on the list
*no greatest hits
*no soundtracks

They are listed in reverse chronological order from release date. highlighted titles denote a top 10 selection.
Portishead's Dummy is my #1 Favorite Album of All Time. I've listened to it hundreds of times since its release in 1994 and I have never tired of it or skipped a track from it because I didn't want to hear it. That's BIG props.

Grimes // Art Angels
Chelsea Wolfe // Abyss
Grimes // Visions
Scissor Sisters // Night Work
Goldfrapp // Seventh Tree
Chromatics // Night Drive
Yeah Yeah Yeahs // Show Your Bones
Fiona Apple // Extraordinary Machine
Metric // Live It Out
M.I.A. // Arular
Queens of the Stone Age // Lullabies to Paralyze
Air // Talkie Walkie
Goldfrapp // Black Cherry
Tool // Lateralus
Moby // Play
Massive Attack // Mezzanine
Gary Numan // Exile (extended)
Bjork // Homogenic
Delerium // Karma
Cake // Fashion Nugget
Sneaker Pimps // Becoming X
Fiona Apple // Tidal
frente! // shape
Lush // Lovelife
Tori Amos // Boys for Pele
Cibo Matto // Viva! La Woman
Garbage // self-titled
Bjork // Post
PJ Harvey // To Bring You My Love
Veruca Salt // American Thighs
Heather Nova // Oyster
Portishead // Dummy
Nine Inch Nails // The Downward Spiral
Tori Amos // Under the Pink
Nirvana // Unplugged
Sarah McLachlan // Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
Mazzy Star // So Tonight That I Might See
PJ Harvey // Dry
Bel Canto // Shimmering, Warm, and Bright
Depeche Mode // Violator
They Might Be Giants // Flood
Peter Gabriel // Passion
The Cure // Disintegration
Kate Bush // Hounds of Love
Depeche Mode // Some Great Reward
Kate Bush // The Dreaming
The Cure // Pornography
Talking Heads // Fear of Music
Roxy Music // Country Life
Brian Eno // Here Come the Warm Jets

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