Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Buffy: The Music

Buffy the Vampire Slayer showcased a lot of indie bands from the '90s in its 7-year run. It's been a goal of mine as a mixtress to make the COMPLETE Buffy playlist including all songs from the show in order of appearance and I have finally DONE IT!!! The mix is missing a good 20% of the songs because Spotify doesn't have everything, but I got pretty close.

I hope you will enjoy this playlist. I also have another one that includes the songs from Buffy in order of appearance that I love. This is the playlist I can play from beginning to end without skipping anything.


* (incredible online episode guide, but missing guide for seasons 6 and 7)
*Bite Me! by Nikki Stafford (very good book resource)
*The Complete Slayer by Keith Topping (this book is problematic [sexist, fat-phobic, riddled with inaccuracies], but it does list most of the songs)

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