Monday, July 13, 2009

Another Awesome Weekend

Ok, so this wasn't technically the weekend; this was Thursday. You know how Jason (classy mustached-bartender at Blackthorn) can make a drink based on any word or phrase you tell him? Well, Mark had been waiting and contemplating for weeks for the perfect idea and Thursday, it came to him: Unicorn Tears. Ironically, Mark could also have asked for "My Shirt Today" and gotten similar results. The pictures don't do the layered drink justice, but here they are, if you ever wondered what Unicorn Tears look like. If you also wonder what they TASTE like, ask Jason and he'll make you one too!

Sunday, after a delicious lunch at my grandparent's house (my Gma's famous pea salad, veggie weiners, AND Grandma Brownies!!) we all went outside and played basketball and I bounced on the pogo stick, which I hadn't done for at LEAST 5 years. This shot shows what I describe as "feeling the JOY of the bounce". You didn't think I was coordinated enough to bounce on a pogo stick, did you? That's ok, I'm not offended. It took HOURS (maybe even DAYS) of practice back in the day to master even the paltry 10 bounces or so I can do at a time now...My Papa made EVERY shot he attempted except one, and I made ONLY one of the dozen or so I attempted. At least he looks amused at my attempts...

This is me telling Michael (who's never been on a pogo stick) to just "feel the JOY".

After lunch and pogo-stickin' Michael and I took a tour of my Gma's new Cat House (a storage shed in their backyard they insulated AND installed air-conditioning in for four cats my Gma takes care of at Massa--the cats haven't moved in yet); it's very classy (not pictured). Then Michael and I went with Cara, Gavin, and Adam swimming at Ewert (also not pictured because I don't trust myself with electronics near water). They have an impressive water slide there now; if you haven't been since you were a kid, I HIGHLY recommend it. After swimming, Michael and I watched another depressing episode of Angel (not pictured) and I took a nap. Above, you'll see Michael with one of the many snacks we took with us to the Drive-In. My ideal movie snacks were all represented...we had chocolate, Hot Tamales, popcorn, and Pepsi.

This is the screen we stared at for approximately 4.5 hours.

Everything at the Drive-In is so '50s, even the bathrooms.
Snack bar.

My hatchback made a surprisingly comfy seating area. Next time, I'm bringing one of those little egg-crate-foamy-bedding things.

The Drive-In was fabulous, by the way. $6 per person for a double feature. Michael says he doesn't want to go to a regular movie ever again. Last night it was cool and slightly breezy too, so it was perfect weather.

In between movies, they had 10 or 15 minutes-worth of old school intermission Drive-In commercials. They were SO cool. Animations of weiners, soda, candy, and "freshly-brewed delicious coffee". Next time, we're getting a bunch of people involved, because the Drive-In theatre rules.

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