Sunday, March 14, 2010


I started officially working on my zine on Friday afternoon after being inspired by Lady GaGa's new video, "Telephone". It looks pretty rough (lots of typos and I sort of just freestyled it, so it really could have been better), but since it's my first piece, I'm keepin' it as is. In fact, I may be doing the entire thing with my typewriter and I REFUSE to be obsessive about it. I just want to get this first issue out there. I've been doing really silly pieces. I'm putting some of my highschool poetry in there, a dorky collage I did in Beginning Drawing a few semesters ago, a hot chick from a '70s Playboy, just totally random stuff. I suppose it will be more of a fanzine than anything else.

Regular Features I'm considering include, but are DEFINITELY not limited to:

*Ask the Psychology Undergrad: like an advice column, but it will be very tongue-in-cheek.
*Psychology Term/Definition of the Ish-this will be me (or I'm hoping I can get other psych students and professors to contribute here as well) nerding out on psychology.
*Mixtape of the Ish-this will be an old one from my big mixtape box and it can be either one I've done or one from someone else.
*Mix CD of the Ish-and I am planning to have the first 10-20, depending on my budget for each particular issue, include the featured mix.
*Retro Stereo Ad-I've got tons of pictures of beautiful electronics.
*I'd like to have some reviews as well...of ANYthing pop culture-related.
*I'm toying with the idea of having a Buffy ep of the Ish too, which I will get a fair amount of crap for, but who cares? It's my zine!

Anyway, in the first issue I'm doing a "Meet the Family" segment that will have a pic and introduce each of my live-in family members (Luna, Michael, Xenon, Alfonzo, Tundra, and Pele). I also plan on (probably in future issues) doing a "Meet the Extended Family" segment that will include mom, gma, papa, Sagan, Cara, my aunt Mimi and Uncle Don. I also plan to have a "meet the electronics in my life" segment, or just introduce them periodically. First ish, I will introduce Forsythia, my typewriter.

Oh, and I want contributors!! Any talents anyone has, I want them in my zine!

Anyway, I posted an "event" for the release of the first issue on FB and I got a tremendous response. 14 people have already requested a copy and I have other peeps that I will just give a copy to anyway, whether they want it or not, so even though the first issue will be pretty raw and unedited, people will be reading it, and if I can make it even semi-interesting (and promote the crap out of myself of course) I might really have a thing going here. Wow. I'm pumped!

I suppose this is what I'll be doing Spring Break. ;)

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  1. Exciting!!! You should have a scent of the issue or a taste. :)