Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blister in the Sun // Violent Femmes

First of all, can you believe that their self-titled album PREdates the entire grunge era? It came out in 1983!!!

Ok, so listening to my DiscoStick, all the tracks in alphabetical order, has endeth. So, I am taking a little break from music listening projects by listening to playlists or whatever else I want for a few days. The next project is, ALBUMS! I've already reloaded my entire

The Safety Dance // Men Without Hats

(btw, right now I'm listening to all songs from 1983 in honor of my intended's birthday today!!) ipod (which consisted of deleting EVERYTHING from my ipod--anyone who knows me knows this was very difficult to push that button) with entire albums that I want to listen to all the way through. 8GBs of albums!! I will listen to them in alphabetical order by album. This is fun! Yes, I'm weird.

Our House // Madness

Now, time to make brownies for the new 27-year old!!

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