Friday, February 26, 2010

Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) // The Jacksons

Ok, so I'm ridiculous. Instead of doing homework or dishes, I spent the last 2(ish) hours searching for the PERFECT typewriter. And I found it! Not only is it vintage, but:

*it works.
*I watched a video of the model in action on youtube and it looks fabulous! The perfect marriage of old and lessold technology.
*it's aqua/teal/bluish.
*it's an easy model to find ink cartridges for because they still work after 30ish years!!
*it used to belong to a woman who got it as a graduation gift from her mom!
*it comes with TWO new ink cartridges.
*it comes with a case.

Here's a picture of her! Perhaps I finally have something I can name Forsythia:

The only problem is that I kinda just spent money I really could have spent on something more useful. Oops.