Friday, February 26, 2010

Satisfaction // Daft Punk

gawd I love Daft Punk. Today I really have nothing to say. I went to class. I've had some sugar. I've NOT done any homework, nor have I done the dishes. I'm looking at typewriters online and trying to resist the beautiful vintage ones knowing they'd be hard to get ribbons for and expensive to acquire and more difficult to use...I got my hair cut. Heather at Oasis is a hair artiste in case you were wondering. She straightened my hair because I forgot to tell her not to.

Satisfaction // Otis Redding

Here's some vanity pics. I usually do some self-portraits after a haircut:

Save Me From What I Want // St. Vincent

I just don't feel like being productive today. I'm experiencing some sort of apathy. Like I think I could get sucked into the internet for about three hours until Michael gets home, then just sit around all night playing wii with him and not even feel bad about the lack of productivity to my day. Even though I really "should" be working on spanish homework as I have 40 exercises and 2 tests due Sunday. Which means I'll pretty much be stuck inside doing this said homework all day tomorrow if I do nothing towards that end today.

Save Us From // The Hoof and the Heel

Which, who are we kidding here? I won't.

Save Your Day // Jose Gonzalez

I could shop online for typewriters and wedding dresses and then finish an Indian movie I started yesterday and read some more of my book.