Friday, February 12, 2010

In My Room // Josh Mullen

I'm listening to all of my songs on my 8GB ipod (DiscoStick is her name) in alphabetical order (started 2 or 3 weeks ago) and the song in the title of this blog is where I am...I'm going to attempt to write more in my blog. For now, the titles will be whatever song I'm on in the seemingly-eternal rotation of DiscoStick songs.

In the Cold Cold Night // The White Stripes

And then, I'll interrupt my blog ramblings with whatever song just came up, as above. You see, the reason I want to write more in my blog is that I want to become a better writer. I want to start a zine in the next few months which I think I will call "Chickweed" because Jill just started her own zine and called it "Whorehounde" and since I am a founding member of the concept of whorehounde (check my website:, I wanted to also have an herb. And also her doing a zine

In the Waiting Line // Zero7

prompted me to realize I can do one too. To start my zine I feel I need a long-arm stapler and a typewriter at the very least. There's something magically romantic about doing a zine with a real old-school typewriter. I have access to one in which the spacebar doesn't work, but really, can I be picky? Free typewriter! The spacebar is kind of an important feature, though. I used to want to be a writer, back in high school. I'm not terrible at it. When I really put my brain into a school paper or a letter to someone or whatever, I can at least seem intelligent and interesting. I like to do freewriting-style stuff the best. I don't like to think about what I'm writing until its bursting forth from my hand. Will anyone care about my blog/my zine/my ramblings? Probably not. A few will. I have 6 followers of this blog. I'm good at promoting myself, such as I will probably post on Facebook when I've finished this blog so people will see it, if they choose.

In Your Room // Depeche Mode

I've been in the "I's" on DiscoStick for like a week at this point. There have been a TON of The Magnetic Fields in the "I's". Ok, so if I'm doing a zine, I probably need some contributors to flesh it out. There's only so many "top 5" lists I can post before it gets pretty boring. So, if you're reading this blog, chances are, you're cool. And you have rawkin' ideas in your head. Send me ( some of these ideas or write up something to include in my zine. Or even send me pictures that you've taken. Or pictures you've seen on the internet you like/hate and write a critique of them. Or send me lyrics of the most moving song you're into right now. I'm definitely going to be documenting mixes in my zine. Taking pictures of old mixtapes I still have along with their inserts. If you want to document any mixes (tape, cd, mp3, whatever) you've done/received, do it! I'll put them in my zine! I'm putting off reading like 200ish pages of my Clinical Psychology textbook right now. I'm always productive when I'm putting off homework. I'll make a mix, write a letter, clean the house (which reminds me, I need to clean the bathroom).

Infinitely Late at Night // The Magnetic Fields

See? I also need to make wedding invitations. Oh, and we can't decide between some customized fingerprint (they'd have OUR fingerprints on the outside of the rings) wedding bands or some celtic band ones. Here, I'll find pictures:

The Information // Beck

So, which one do YOU vote for? Post your answers here, on Facebook, or in an email! Also, I have to

Innocente // Delerium

decide what I'm going to WEAR at our wedding. My main idea so far is to purchase a lehengha choli (an Indian-sari-and-skirt-fancy-outfit-combo) in our wedding colors (which are burnt orange and plum, btw) and then get a corset custom-made to go with it. A fancy corset, not like a lingerie-type corset. Here's an example of the coolest style of corset I've found so far (keep in mind it would be our colors, not these colors):

Inside // Moby

here's an example of a lehengha choli, which I'm sure you've seen, you may have not known the NAME, though, as I didn't until recently:

Also, note the hotness of the chick. I would, of course, NOT have my stomach showing, as my idea currently includes a corset, but I would have the rest of the outfit, again with orange and plum. A lot of our wedding will have elements of Indian culture. The rehearsal dinner will be at an Indian restaurant, I'm having a henna-painting party (which is a Hindi tradition to have the girls get together the night before to paint one another with henna designs), and you can be SURE the bellydancing scarves are coming out during the reception!

Instinct Blues // White Stripes

Although, I could theoretically beef up my abs a bit between now and September 25th and just do the whole outfit, sans corset. I'll probably have the bindi and the hairpieces and everything anyway...hmmm. Ok, another survey for my dear readers...along with which wedding band you think we should have, do you think I should wear lehengha choli WITH corset? or as is? That would certainly cost less as a custom corset runs about $250 and lehengha cholis can be REALLY

Into Dust // Mazzy Star (my FAVORITE Mazzy Star song, btw)

expensive when they want to be. For example, the one pictured in this blog is $900. I will most likely be willing to spend maybe $200, and less if I get a corset too. Another zine idea, if anyone is interested in contributing: freewrite while listening to a favorite album. I used to do this in high school. I had a whole notebook dedicated to writing what music made me feel/think about. It's really relaxing and fun. In addition to emailed material I would absolutely accept handwritten stuff, as long as its readable, I can copy it as is and slap it in the old zine!

Into the Light // Siouxsie & the Banshees

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