Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So, I'm doing this whole self-improvement thing this year. That sounds so lame, but I am really enjoying it. My bathroom scale is total crapola, but I think that January=exercise worked out really well. I swear I've lost weight even though the dumb scale disagrees with me.

Anyway, last month my goal was to do 30 minutes of activity per day, allowing one day per week as a SKIP day. I took an extra SKIP day the week I got my tattoo because I was incredibly worn out, but other than that, I did it! This month I have a bunch of writing assignments AND I have to write one blog per day. This either means writing something like this here, a Buffy blog, or I'll write in my private blog. I toyed with the idea of separating my Buffy blog from this or making this my Buffy blog and making another one for my more personal bloggy writings, but I think I'll just keep them the same. I'm not quite a "product" (fully, or even partially formed writer) yet, so it doesn't yet matter if I compartmentalize properly. I just need to write a LOT right now and later worry about HOW I'm writing. I have all kinds of ideas. Beyond the general plan of improvement wherein I will focus on one thing per month I'm also:

*listening to ALL my music this year (around 6000 songs haven't been heard in over a year, so I am listening to everything I haven't in the past year this year, if that makes sense-so this equals around 17 songs a day, and I'm adding music all the time). This, so far has proved to be a very potent way to curate my music more effectively. Every once in awhile a song comes up on shuffle that makes me cock my head and go, "WTF is this?!" and then I can satisfactorily delete it from my life. It's liberating!

*writing for the Current, Etc, a local free newspaper. An issue comes out every two weeks and I should be in every one if all goes well!

*putting out 4 zines this year, one for each season.

*reading 52 books this year (I've already read 6!).

*writing a novel in November: I read in "The Happiness Project" that if you write 1667 words a day for every day in November, you'll have a "Great Gatsby"-sized novel by the end of the month!! I'm doing it! I haven't decided if I'm going to be ambitious and write fiction or do the first draft of my music memoir, but I'm doing it!

*finishing my Buffy blogging this year. I might even start Angel when I'm finished.

*I'm going to revisit the idea of creating a radio station. I'm not sure how I'll do it...if it will be podcast-based or linked to a radio website...I'm just going to get back into it and start!

I'm really going to try to get the most out of my life. Oh, and each month is EXPANDING on the one before, so not only will I be blogging every day in February, but every month after; thusly, I am continuing on my exercise plan as well. I'm feeling more in control than I have in a long time. I love checking shit off lists!!

Oh, and the Cibo Matto album cover has nothing to do with anything except that it's an image that I equate with Rosie the Riveter in its inspirationalness and it makes me happy to look upon it.

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