Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Today I was listening to the Sound Opinions podcast whilst cleaning a house for money, like I do every Wednesday, and a song came on. It had an R&B flavor, with rap attempts...I could tell it was probably a Caucasian singer, but it was different in that it sounded like a female singing as a male. I was a little turned on by it. Is this a drag king singing R&B to a sexy lady? She/he was singing about taking me out and spending money on me and I was intrigued, nay, about to be wooed by this gender-bending smooth talker....

Then, the music faded out and Greg and Jim announced that it was a new song by....

Justin Bieber! OMG, I was being wooed by Justin freakin' Bieber! I am so ashamed...

I have previously avoided the Beeb and have in fact, never heard him sing, to my knowledge...until today. Until I thought him to be a drag king.

Oh boy.

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