Tuesday, June 25, 2013

// One-stop Music? Google Music All Access //

Here’s the deal: Google just came out with a subscription-based music service (like Spotify, Rdio, MOG, etc) that could possibly maybe like for really-real replace your cloud-based music storage, Pandora, and Spotify, for 9.99/mo (7.99/mo if you sign up by June 30th) after a 30-day free trial. Google Music All Access could become a really big deal and it’s beyond exciting. Let me tell you why:

  1. Library: You can upload your entire music library (up to 20,000 songs; songs you buy on GooglePlay don’t count towards this total) for free on GooglePlay.
  2. Quality: Music you listen to on the site or on a mobile app (gMusic on iOS and Google Music on Android) streams in high-quality audio at 320kbps. That’s good.
  3. Frugal: When you buy albums on GooglePlay, it will typically be a bit cheaper than buying through iTunes (an album usually runs about 9.49 on Google and 9.99 on iTunes) AND the files are 320kbps to iTunes’ 256kbps. That’s better.
  4. Happy Music Family: With Google Music All Access, for a monthly fee (again 7.99/mo if you sign up by June 30th and 9.99/mo after) you can add ANYTHING to your uploaded music library, whether you own it or not. It will be integrated into your preexisting tunes. Whoa. Your music can all live in one happy household of sound. That’s stupendous.
  5. Radio: With Google Music All Access you don’t even need Pandora anymore, because you can base radio stations on artists and songs here like you can with Pandora. I simply recreated all my Pandora stations on Google. The service isn’t quite as nuanced as Pandora (as of now, you can’t have multiple artist/song seeds in one station), but the song selection is pretty decent.

Just to be clear, uploading your library to Google Music is free (points 1 and 2 above). Google Music All Access is the subscription service (points 4 and 5) that adds radio and on-demand music to listen and add to your library.

I’m jumping up and down squealing with excitement because if I drop iTunes Match (25/yr), Pandora (36/yr), and Spotify (10/mo) I’ll save 85 dollars a year to do everything music (storage, radio, and on-demand) in one place! 

My only beef with Google Music is that it doesn’t have a Google-provided iOS app yet, and all my devices are Apple.  gMusic’s (the third-party app for iOS) interface leaves a lot to be desired. It’s ugly, to be blunt, unlike the very beautiful Android app. The streaming audio hiccups a bit (this could be gMusic’s app or GoogleMusic itself), though I suspect this will be fixed in time.

So on May 24th I did it. I cancelled my Spotify subscription and didn’t renew my yearly sub to Pandora. It was sad and sweaty and emotional. I’m nervous to put my trust in Google for all my music needs, but if it simplifies my life the way I know it could, I’m all in, and you could be too.

As you can probably tell, I’m very excited. I love it when things get simple.

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  1. Casey HimmelsbachJune 25, 2013 at 6:22 AM

    I am loving Google Play too! It already saved me $10 by streaming the entire new Kanye album and deciding I hated it without purchasing it first.

  2. Kanye is weird.

    I love that too. Ever since subscription music services, I haven't had to waste money on music I don't end up liking. That's awesome.