Wednesday, December 16, 2015

laughing and not being normal [a 2015 mix]

Above is MixtressRae's 2015 mix. It's called "Laughing and Not Being Normal" and it's as autobiographical as any mix filled with someone else's music can be, as much as all our mixes are.

Side A takes one on a journey through a woman's life cycle and her relationship with feminism. First you see her parroting back the sexism internalized from culture ("Lukatar"). Then she begins to notice the needles of pervasive misogyny ("Venus Fly" and "Pedestrian At Best") everywhere around her in our world. She feels empowered ("Bitch Better Have My Money" and "Worth It"). Next, she gets really really angry ("Bride's Speech" and "Kill V. Maim").

Side B (beginning with Lana Del Rey's reading of T.S. Eliot's thoughts on time-present/past/future on "Burnt Norton") displays the truths that follow her transcendence. Here, she moves through the world without fear of repercussions from men. After the extreme emotions have been expunged from her body in Side A, she feels a little hollow ("Iron Moon"). Without religion ("Sprinter") and her former destructive relationships ("Notget") she has to rebuild her soul on her own ("After the Fall"). She emerges victorious ("Butterfly") while never failing to question all her previously held beliefs ("Simple Death").

Hear this mix in its entirety on YouTube, Spotify, or on December 18th on Mixtress Radio which airs from 7-11pm CST (just press play on the little yellow cassette top right of this blog during broadcast time).

I will also make you a mixTAPE (as in 90min Maxell cassette, old school-style) by special request. email me your address and PayPal me a couple bucks for shipping, and I'll send it to you. It really is better on cassette.

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