Sunday, January 8, 2012

Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer...

Last post was THE DAY before the tornado that took my house away...I also lost season 3 because it was out by the tv and got brutally damaged by winds, like a lot of things I loved...

I watched a few episodes sometime in June and July and didn't have the wherewithal/presence of mind to write about anything, so for now, those few episodes will remain un-blogged, but I will summarize them briefly here:

Episode 40; Band Candy: All the adults eat candy sold by the students at Sunnydale and act like teenagers while under the influence of witchy chocolate. It's Ethan Rayne's fault, of course. Giles and Joyce do it.

Episode 41; Revelations: Faith gets a new Watcher named Gwendolyn who is super-snobby towards Giles...turns out she's evil, la la la. This is an emotional time for Faith...yet another authority figure lets her down.

Episode 42; Lover's Walk: one of my favorite episodes EVER. Spike comes back to town and he's wasted the whole time as Drusilla has left him. Hilarity ensues...also, Spike has some insights into Buffy and Angel's relationship (them saying they're just friends when they obviously want each other) that is spot-on. Buffy is moved by the speech and tells Angel she has to move on and they can't see each other, even as friends, anymore. Also, this is the episode where Cordelia and Oz find out about Xander and Willow.

Episode 43; The Wish: This is the introduction of Anya!! Cordelia wishes Buffy had never come to Sunnydale, so this is an alternate reality episode wherein life at Sunnydale is MUCH different, of course. There is a huge fatality rate at Sunnydale High, there's a curfew, everyone has to wear drab colors so as not to attract the vampires...Willow and Xander are vampires. It's a whole big thing. But Giles senses something is off (Cordelia convinces him as she's the only one that remembers the Buffy-at-Sunnydale world) and figures out how to break the spell of Anyanka.

Episode 44; Amends; This one is all about Angel's eternal atonement and the introduction of the First Evil. The First taunts Angel into killing himself, so he waits on a hill for the sun to come up, all tortured and broody. Buffy yells at him and I think they decide to be together at this point. The sun doesn't come up, 'cause it freaking snows in California and it's all magical, pointing to some divine purpose for Angel to remain a tortured soul and keep fighting for atonement that he can never attain...thus the plight of the souled vampire, ya-da ya-da.

Episode 45; Gingerbread: Two kids are murdered and Joyce causes an uproar...turns out the kids are demon spirits or something and put a spell on the whole town. At the end the town is burning Willow and Amy at the stake. Amy turns herself into a rat to escape and somehow Buffy saves the day...but Amy remains a rat in WIllow's care until season 6.

Episode 46; Helpless: Giles drugs Buffy on her 18th birthday so that she has the strength of a regular girl and has to fight a foe. All a tradition of the Council. Buffy has to question her identity as a non-Slayer and hates it. She is very mad at Giles and Giles helps her at some point, which is against the rules, so he gets fired by the Council.

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