Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Last night was Josh Mullen's 25th birthday. He decided to celebrate this event by playing at Blackthorn. I had a couple of deliciously-fruity cocktails (something coconutty and thus-far unnamed--a creation by Lanna, beautiful lass and bartender extraordinaire) and took some pictures and videos with my trusty pink Fujifilm camera.

The above photo was intended to be a shot of the exterior of Blackthorn, but ended up being more of Sushilla, my car. Who's that by the door? Is that the Blue's Clues guy? No, it's just Michael.

After a run-in with his jogging shoes leaving my boy's hands looking a bit like hamburger (hamburger bits not shown), we've (me, Jill, and Adam, mostly) been calling him Mr. Meat Hand Man. This is Mr. Meat Hand Man's zombie pose. Mr. Meat Hand Man didn't want me to post this one, but I don't take orders from Mr. Meat Hand Man.

Here's a pensive shot of Forrest and Michael. A smudge on my lens gives Forrest a soft glow.

Mmmmm...Trout Slayer Ale. Do you think this stuff still exists? It looks like a pretty manly brew, yeah?

A happy couple: April + Forrest = Luuuuv

Stephanie + Michael = smoooches.

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