Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The End Of An Era

Today was the big huge liquidation auction for my family's wholesale floral supply business. It was a sad day, but MUCH got carried away (most of the stuff, though the buildings and vehicles are still up for grabs), and MUCH of the work of putting this grand business my grandpa has owned since 1969 to sleep is behind them. Soon my grandpa and grandma can retire officially (though my grandpa will probably get a job, because he's not into being idle), and maybe just relax...perhaps?

Here, you'll see the auction trailer, some chairs and stuff, and the door to Massa on the right.

In the distance (through the massive amounts of boxes of 50+ years of stuff) you can see the Massa truck.

Just before the auction officially began, my grandma pretended to be interested in something one of the auction guys said.

Michael reflecting over his year of service at Massa. Good times.

Me emerging from silk flowers.

Michael surfing a trailer of ribbon.

A view of the basket warehouse.


On the left is a beautiful sandblasted sign my mom made for Massa.

The multitude of boxes you see in these pictures were all in the upstairs (I call it the attic, and am frequently corrected, but it FEELS like an attic; all hot and attic-y) of Massa, and ALL hauled down in the last three days. ALL of it. Done by us (Mom, Mom's bf Steve, Michael, me, Steve's sons Jake and Ben, Papa, Gma, and assorted friends of Ben's).

As you can see, even in the hard times, Michael and I are still super goofy. This is me standing on the Massa truck to take the aerial shot above this one.

Last night I dreamed I was a zombie...this is my impression of that dream.

This is a former employee of Massa, Dave, and his girlfriend.

My wonderful, hardworking, honest, charismatic, loving, vital Grandpa, Jim Allan.


  1. You forgot "Patrick Stewart look-a-like" That really sucks that Massa is no more, but maybe your grandpa can rest a little.

  2. A touching tribute. And I realize now that I see pictures that I have actually taken photos in front of Massa, with that funky grayish brick wall where the old-school lead-type paint rubbed off on my clothes. Ahhh...now I see!

  3. Ah, yes. Sean-Luc Picard and my grandpa are synonyms. And yes, Mark, everyone has taken their senior pictures by these buildings. Kind of like when people stumble upon Post, they're like, "What is this place?" all dressed up with too much makeup on trying to look natural next to disintegrating buildings, as if they just stand there all the time.

  4. That's the greatest photographic weapon! How many others know about this?