Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Exploits.

Friday night-- Michael and I met Mark at a metal show at Blackthorn. Talented musicians. Shocks of long blond metal-boy (I heard they are like 18!!) hair headbanging. Hello Kitty guitar straps. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of this. Michael and I went outside for a break from the metal and happened to see Wendy's husband Greg (Wendy is a fellow library girl) and his friend Matt outside. They lured us from the metal into Matt's open-air-climb-into-the-back-"Dukes-of-Hazzard-style" Jeep to a classy lounge bar called Trios for a glass of wine and good conversation about music (The Mars Volta, Metric, Michael Jackson, etc) and art (the definition of, viewed through the lens of the prices of the art at the lounge bar). Afterwards, we headed over to Wendy and Greg's and listened to the Michael Jackson Tribute channel (channel 62) on XM.

Saturday--Michael made M&M and cashew waffles and we cleaned the house feverishly until 2pm. We then met Wendy and Greg at Club 609 for a drink before heading out to Adrienne (former fellow library girl) and Andy's wedding, which was beautiful and very classy. Mark was photographer and they had a keg and amazing vegetarian food. After the wedding, I read a little while Michael napped, and then we went out for coffee and wandered around Books a Million looking at art books and trying to get answers right in trivia books. We then went out for burritoes at Gringo's and watched Moulin Rouge at home, after which I pirouetted around the living room like a Green Faery to "Bolero", the song that plays during the credits, and thought about Sagan and Brandon.

On the far left you'll see Mark with his camera, then the Lone Bridesmaid, Carrie officiating, Andy, and his Lone Groomsman.

Adrienne with her mom and son Conner.

Mark and the kegs. Is Mark's expression BECAUSE of the kegs, or perhaps the extreme heat?

Michael with a sweet face just SECONDS after flipping me off. ;)

Wendy and me demonstrating how huge my mouth is, apparently.

Adrienne and Andy with what I think is Andy's dad.

*Cheesy tidbit: this is the book I'm reading right now, checked out from the library and has been at the library since June 1996...

While I was reading "Grrrls" yesterday afternoon, I noticed these little pink boxes around Tori's name in the introduction. This HAS to be me. A teenage me obsessed with Tori Amos. I almost remember doing this, and I used to do subtly destructive things like this. Once, I tore a page out of a magazine at the library at the age of about 15 (a two-page poster of Shirley Manson) because it was an old issue (had to ask a librarian--was it Patty?--to get it out of compact storage) and I knew no other way of obtaining this poster. Apparently, I didn't know about copying. I apologize to my current place of employment and libraries everywhere for my destruction of library property. I have since learned proper manners in a public library, but to my credit, I STILL have this poster of Shirley Manson in a frame hanging in my bedroom. I still appreciate the fruits of my little act of library kleptomania, however wrong it was.

Sunday--Picked up sandwiches at Jimmy John's and headed to the gparents for lunch. Afterwards, picked blackberries off Virginia Ave by one of the Massa warehouses.

There's something awesome about picking your own berries, and something even awesomer when it's in between a building and a parking lot in a downtown area. Consumable urban life!!! So awesome. Hopefully, me and the roommies will be picking blueberries at the Schuster family blueberry farm later tonight. I hope I hope I hope!! It's been too long since we had blueberry waffles.

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