Thursday, April 12, 2012


I am really only interested in myself, in my journey and the journey of those I love. I'm getting to the point where I am admitting my libertarianism. I want to be free to do what I want all the time. I want my money to be MINE. It's not fair that a family of four with only one member working gets several THOUSANDS of dollars back from taxes, when my husband and I get less than a thousand when we both work and have 5 dependents (two ferrets, two dogs, and a cat). Our dependents don't matter to the government and our lives are worth less of the MONEY WE MADE because we aren't breeders (I mean no offense to those with child...though I won't be propagating, I understand the species needs to continue. I like humanity.). My money should remain mine. However, I believe in funding libraries and parks and roads in a mandatory way, I don't think we should fund other human beings we don't know. It simply isn't fair that I work and make about the same as a person who refuses to work and gets disability.

I'm getting ranty, but really, I don't understand why more people don't admit that they feel the same. Why would I care about some random homeless person? I don't know this person's situation...perhaps if I did, my feelings would change and if I bonded with said person, I might CHOOSE to help them if it was within my power to do so and if I felt that helping them HELPED them to help themselves. It's not my problem if someone I don't know has no job and no home. Who has the energy to care about every starving stranger on the planet? Really?

I believe in freedom. I believe in taking responsibility for your own life. And if you choose your destiny, you should get to use the fruits of that self-made destiny for whatever you want. If a native from another country, for some weird reason, wants to live in America, let them. If a person wants to live on the streets and drink a lot, let them do it. Perhaps they're not as unhappy as we think they are. And if they are: not my problem.

Consenting adults should get to choose all aspects of their lives. The only people that should be limited are those that take choices away from others. Jail is not for people that imbibe substances or enable others to do so. Consenting adults can alter their consciousness if they want. What do you care?

Marry who you want.
Live where you want.
Dress how you want.
Spend your earned money on what you want.


There are a lot of ways I don't want to live my life, so I simply don't make the choices that would lead me to an unwanted life. Live and let live, man.

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