Thursday, May 24, 2012


Another mix.  This one I have posted in so many formats that it's becoming ridiculous.  The tracklist can be found here.  It is about calm in the face of extreme anxiety.  I've chosen most of the songs because they are calming to me and one of the elements that can be found in most of these songs is a resonant voice.  A voice that vibrates deep in the back of my throat when I hear it.  This is my calm center, apparently.  I suspect this mix won't be as calming to everyone as it is to me, but perhaps you'll find something here you enjoy.

There's one song missing from the YouTube playlist below and that's a track I have in my library as Macka's "Baggage".  I've not been able to find it anywhere online, so I either have a very rare song or my track information is inaccurate.  Either way, I figure this is fair game to upload the song to Soundcloud, so it is provided below, because I think it is a spectacular song.  If anyone has information on why I can't find it anywhere online (is my info wrong, is this a rare artist, etc?) let me know, because I'd love to have more from this man's resonant voice.

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