Saturday, March 2, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Doomed.

Episode 67.
airdate: 18 January 2000.

Buffy and Riley explain their situations to one another. Riley has a hard time believing that a tiny girl is a slayer of things, because he's kind of a misogynist. He tries to be all covert and tell Buffy he can't tell her what he is, but then she totally calls him on everything ("You're part of some demon monster squad..."). Riley hasn't even heard of a Slayer. Probably not a mistake that the episode that Riley and Buffy come out to each other and sort of officially start their relationship is called "Doomed" eh, Joss? Oooh, I am sooo observant. 

I love when Xander says to Spike, "You earn your keep or you don't get kept!" I want to say that to someone sometime, like for example, Pele (she's my cat). She'd just glare at me, but it'd still be fun.

One of my only regrets in life is that I didn't have the dorm/college experience. Perhaps I would have overcome some of my more problematic social dysfunctions had I been forced to live and go to school in close proximity to other human beings my own age. Boo hoo though, it didn't happen.

Apocalypse, as per usual.

Buffy is trying so hard to walk away from a complicated relationship because she hasn't yet realized that every relationship will be complicated, especially if you're a freakin' vampire slayer! Come on, Buffy! Your insistence on achieving normalcy is just unrealistic. Poor Spikey tried to kill himself. 

Riley actually has a point about Buffy having the wrong "doom and gloom" attitude, but I suppose it makes sense given what she's gone through. Ooh, he just called her self-involved! Snap! He's very perceptive. Giles just got beat up. The demons are going to open the Hellmouth so they have to go back to high school. Oh yeah, I suppose the theme here is living in the past stuff. Buffy can't get past old relationship stuff to move onto Riley, Willow was called a geek by Percy, Spike can't get past being a neutered vampire, and Xander, well Spike pointed out that he's living in his mother's basement, but he didn't seem to be overly worried about that before Spike suggested it. So Riley is the voice of reason here, apparently. Don't have a "doom and gloom" attitude and move on from your past.

Spike realizes in this episode that he can beat up demons, so he regains the will to live with violence back in his life. Yeay, Spikey.

Riley and Buffy save the day. He's out to the whole gang now. In case you were wondering what happens with Riley and Buffy, they kiss and they're going to start a relationship and shit. Spike makes a cute speech to Xander and Willow about fighting demons and killing things and "evil afoot" and stuff. It's the new era of Spike. Super exciting stuff.

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