Saturday, March 16, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The I In Team.

episode 69.
airdate: 8 Feb 2000
Anya's the cutest. "I choose to feel threatened." Love the tactless babes Xander dates. I would like to be one if I lived in the Buffyverse, which of course is what I think we can all agree heaven will be like. I choose to believe in heaven only within the context of heaven as Sunnydale, California. Is that so wrong?

Oh, geez, Buffy is going into the Initiative underground...ooooooooh. Who's ready for season 5? I don't hate 4 as much as some people do, but the awkwardness of life transitions and Buffy trying to go to college and all that kerfuffle is just tiresome, as Giles would say. Willow is hiding Tara all for herself. Adam is revealed for the first time: "almost ready to wake up". It's breaking my heart to see Willow feel left-out. and Giles. and Xander. I GET IT! The Initiative and college are metaphors for adult relationships taking you away from your friends, maybe?

I love how unruly Buffy is with the Initiative dudes. This is Willow's best fashion time. All colorful and sweatery. Cute. Ness. Oh no, they've installed a tracking device on Hostile 17 aka Spike. Why didn't they do that when they first captured him? Time for Riley and Buffy to do it to the smooth sounds of Delerium after a good rousing fight. Ew, she put his big meaty finger in her mouth. Gross. And Professor Walsh is watching them...Double Gross!

Spike goes to Giles for help after being shot with the tracker device. I do enjoy watching Spike being integrated into the group slowly, fitfully, and reluctantly. Giles agrees to remove the device after monetary compensation.

Riley is called away from the coital bed for a secret mission. Professor Walsh mentions a "contingency scenario" to a cohort whilst in conversation about Buffy, then she is beeped and sent off on a solo mission for Walsh to find a "Class 3 subterrestrial". She quickly realizes its a trap. Her weapon given her by Walsh triggers a cell door and she's attacked by three beasties Buffy earlier saw in the Initiative Underground. Buffy has also been outfitted with visual and audio that feeds back to Walsh along with her vital information. As Buffy's heartrate flatlines, Walsh is watching, of course. She looks a little remorseful and guilty, but this is the definitive moment that you KNOW FOR A FACT that Walsh is a Big Bad. Cut to Giles removing the tracer at last, then back to Buffy who is not dead. Duh. Walsh tells Riley Buffy is dead. As she's telling him, she shows up on the screen behind her head "if you think that's enough to kill me, you really don't know what a Slayer is..." Du nu du nu du nuh! Riley storms off, effectively quitting the Initiative. Buffy tells the gang "it's not safe for any of us". Such a drama queen.

Episode ends with Adam waking up and killing Walsh: "Mommy?"

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