Friday, April 15, 2011

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Reptile Boy.

episode 17.
original airdate in the US: 13 October 1997.

The show opens with one of my favorite scenes ever. Buffy, Xander, and Willow are watching a Bollywood film in Hindi and speculating on the meaning, all on Buffy's bed. I love the scenes that emphasize the friendship between the three of them. It reminds me of Kim, Mike, and me in high school, and every time the three of us are together now. Cut to woman running for her life through the cemetery. It looks like monks are chasing her, but then you see it's a posh rich boy of teen-age.

Giraffe pants! Buffy's wearing giraffe pants! They ALMOST cancel out the horrible white see-through lace top she's touting.

Cordelia and Buffy are going to a fraternity party together. And the fraternity are into reptile demon-y stuff, of course. That's the episode premise. There are virgin girl sacrifices involved, of course. Cordelia and Buffy end up being drugged and kidnapped and chained up in the basement. Xander infiltrates the party to "keep an eye on Buffy" and then finds out what's REALLY going on at some point.

Buffy lies to Giles about going to the party--she tells him she's not feeling well and has homework. Have you ever seen someone slow dance at a party? Seriously? Never happens. Buffy has a nice smoky-eye thing going on at the party. Xander gets found out as a party-crasher and the frat boys dress him in a dress and wig and make him pledge.

Willow gives Angel and Giles a cute lecture about how they each treat Buffy (Angel being aloof and Giles overworking Buffy). Xander punches a guy out for the first time (I think)! The Reptile Boy looks like a giant penis, of course.

GIles/Buffy exchange of cuteness:

B: I told one lie. I had one drink.
G:Yes, and you were very nearly devoured by a giant demon snake...the words "Let that be a lesson" are a tad redundant at this juncture.
B: I'm sorry.
G: So am I. I...I drive you too hard because I know what you have to face. From now on, no more pushing. No more prodding...just an inordinate amount of nudging.

Second sighting of Jonathan. This is the episode of see-through shirts on Buffy. There were three.

Commentary (by David Greenwalt) notes added 5.22.13: This episode is supposed to be about Buffy feeling like a kid, like everyone's treating her like a kid so she makes a bad decision in line with that. I apparently have nothing to say about that.

Ugh, as usual I'm getting nowhere with this. Surely the first two episodes, and thus my last two episodes with commentary, will have Joss.

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