Monday, April 25, 2011

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Phases

Episode 27.
airdate: 27 January 1998

Time for an Oz-centric episode to get the awful taste of Angel out of our mouths. Werewolves! Giles and I are both giddy.

Buffy always looks like such a thug in a black beanie. Best effect on the show so far: watching Oz turn from werewolf to himself again. Sort of uncharacteristic of Buffy to start blaming the werewolf who's a person 28 days out of the month. I wonder if that gay bully on Glee was modeled after the gay bully on Buffy.

Oz is gonna lock himself up when Willow comes over. Apparently, watching this episode has made me as monosyllabic as Oz himself. Weird menstruation parallels...not sure how that makes sense, as it's Oz and he's a boy. Maybe Joss' regular feminization of boys thing.

..."a werewolf in love".

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