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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Surprise and Innocence.

Episodes 25 and 26.
airdates: 19 and 20 January 1998.


I really dislike Angel and Buffy together..have I mentioned that? So, I'm just gonna rip these last two episodes wherein she loses her virginity to him and he turns evil off like a Band-Aid, right now. You ready? I might have to drink heavily during this one, so don't mind my increasing deterioration of vocabulary.

Surprise starts with a Buffy nightmare. She's dreaming about Drusilla killing Angel on her birthday. Willow is speaking French to a monkey, too, just for inexplicable dream-ness.

Angel's topless again. And I'm drinking every time Buffy and Angel kiss in these two episodes. Drink. And again. And again. I'm counting every time they actually stop long enough to stare into one another's eyes (drink again) and talk. OMG, again!

Willow and Buffy talking about whether or not B will lose her V-card. It's a short convo, not super over-the-top like a lot of TV shows deal with the subject, though the fact that Joss turns Angel evil after they do it and makes him the cruelest person ever means that he's making a HUGE deal of it, but at least the deal is metaphorical.

Oz asking Willow out!!! Love it! Ok, I really love Willow as a lesbian and I also loved her with Oz and I am not one of those people that doesn't believe in bisexuals, but I'm just a little put-off by the way they treated the issue. After Tara, Willow is gay. I don't like that after her obvious attraction to both Oz and Xander, she just becomes gay. That's not how that works. It would have been a MUCH better explanation to just say that Willow is attracted to men and women. And they could have done this by simply never calling her a lesbian, or showing her attraction to men occasionally, but they don't. That's just my mini-beef with the series.

Xander calls Giles a "funky party weasel"! Cute.

First sighting of Spike in a wheelchair. Drusilla is getting pieces of a big butch vampire to reassemble for evil Apocalypse-ness, for her birthday.

Oh shit! This is the episode where you find out Jenny is not Jenny. She's part of the Gypsy tribe that cursed Angel.

I love that Oz is immediately, on their first date, introduced to the entire world of demon-ness and is not at all surprised by it. "Actually, it explains a LOT."

Angel just gave Buffy the claddagh ring and Michael just threw up a little bit in his mouth. Drink. Giraffe pants! Oh, man! She's going to lose her virginity shortly after wearing giraffe pants! I love that characters on this show actually rewear outfits.

Perfect Drusilla moment: she's dancing in a red satin dress to "Transylvanian Concubine" by Rasputina. Awesome!

There's a sense of real foreboding for me as Buffy and Angel run through the rain...there's only scant moments before they do it. And it's going to be gross. I hate the way Buffy kisses. She's sooo into it and there's a lot of head bobbing. This is the end of the really-in-love Buffy. It never happens again. Drink. Ohh, Angel's convulsing!


Angel is definitely evil again. He kills a woman, Drusilla can feel it...I'm excited that Buffy will now be the tortured soul she remains throughout the series (just because she acts tortured better than acting in love), but I hate it when Angel's evil. He's just too good at being a total dickface. The claddagh ring on Angel's finger is now pointed away from him as well. That's a nice little detail.

Willow catches Cordelia and Xander kissing. She has to go to the bathroom and cry a little for the final closure before she's ready to move on.

Oh, Angel's a dick. The quintessential asshole after sex. Sarcasm. Insults. It's positively horrific to watch. It's surprising that David Boreanaz hasn't been cast in more asshole roles. He's too good at it. Seething.

Buffy finds out about Jenny. Giles finds out about the sex. Everything is all effed up.

Oz's sweetness almost cancels out Angel's total dickness. Almost. And he's already helpin' out with the Scoobs! I love Oz so much!! More than Xander, really.

There's a lot of water (rain, lakes, sprinklers in malls) in these last two episodes. It must be a rebirth thing. Buffy lost to her virginity, Angel is now Angelus, Jenny is found out, Oz and Willow are starting, Cordelia and Xander were found out...lots of changes.

Commentary (by Joss Whedon) notes added 5.20.13: Joss is talking as if it's his first commentary. Hmm. Interesting. He calls this the most important episode he ever did. It exemplifies the emotional resonance that horror can have. Joss brought emotional resonance to horror for quite possibly the first time ever. The idea of Spike and Drusilla as villains is about two younger (looking) characters that could overlap in the lives of the Scoobies a bit more than the Master did in season 1. 

Joss talking (and I've wanted to hear his explanation on this for awhile) about the fact that he didn't want to kill the girl for having sex, though he punishes "the shit" out of her instead. He believes that Buffy and Angel were very much in love and what they did wasn't wrong, yet in horror you have to make consequences for everything in order to find the horror, find the emotional resonance. 

People didn't love Oz at first? That doesn't make sense to me at all. Something about wanting Willow to be with Xander, but Oz! You have to love Oz. I like the image of Giles and Xander together having to carry the rocket launcher in its box and then Buffy wields it by herself when she uses it. That's hot. 

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  1. After these is a place I always need to take a little break. Jo and I are almost through Season 2, and we never talked about it, but we ended up abstaining from Buffy for several days after this 2-parter. It's just draining, ya know?