Sunday, April 28, 2013

a few stats on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


times Giles gets knocked out:
1) Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
2) ep6: The Pack.
3) ep12: Prophecy Girl (by Buffy).
4)ep29: Passion
5)ep33: becoming part 1.
6)ep38: beauty and the beasts
7)ep39: homecoming
8)ep41: revelations
9)ep44: gingerbread
10)ep104: flooded
11)ep122: grave

times Angel is topless:
1) ep7: Angel
2) ep22: What's My Line, pt. 2.
3)ep25: Surprise
4)ep26: Innocence
5)ep31: I Only Have Eyes for You
6)ep37: faith, hope, and trick
7)ep40: band candy
8)ep41: revelations
9)ep43: amends
10)ep55: graduation day pt 1

Giles cko a book to non-Scooby:
1) ep5: Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
2)ep29: Passion.

1) ep12: Prophecy Girl.
2)ep25: Surprise.
3)ep33/34: becoming.
4)ep47: the Zeppo
5)ep55/56: graduation day
6)ep67: doomed
7)ep100: the gift
8)ep144: chosen

Times Xander saves the world:
1)Prophecy Girl, when he resuscitates Buffy.
2)ep47: the Zeppo, when he diffuses the bomb in the basement while everyone else was fighting a many-headed beast from the Hellmouth
3)ep55/56: graduation day
4)ep122: grave

times Xander falls for a demon of some kind:
1) praying mantis
2) ep16: Inca Mummy Girl.
3) ep54: Anya
4)ep136: first date

Jonathan sightings before season 6:

times Dawn screams "get out get out get OUT":
1) ep91: blood ties
2)ep114: older and far away

*I kept these as I went. At first, I was also counting the times Giles takes his glasses off and cleans them, but he didn't do it much at first and then he did it a LOT in the last few seasons and I lost count. I also may have spaced on a few times he was knocked out as well, but I think these are all pretty accurate.


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