Monday, April 8, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Crush.

episode 92.
airdate: 13 Feb 2001.

Everyone is at the grand (re)opening of the Bronze after a remodeling (after the troll destroyed a bunch of stuff). They all decide not to talk about Glory for the entire night, which is very meta, because we're not going to talk about her for the entire episode.

Spike sits by B and starts just chatting away with her and she asks him why he's there talking to her. She's so mean to him.

Willow is still getting headaches from the teleportation spell. Buffy sees Ben and goes over to talk to him. She thanks him for hanging with Dawn at the hospital and then proceeds to flirt with him. He's super cute, so I would too if I were in her situation.

A train comes into town and everyone on it has been massacred, including a train attendant dude who goes to investigate.

When Buffy gets home, Giles is there babysitting Joyce and Dawn, apparently. As he's leaving, Buffy asks Giles what he thinks about how Dawn's doing. He says she's coping very well. Buffy consults his advice on the fact that her and Joyce have been really lenient with Dawn lately and Giles thinks they should treat her normal.

Harmony tries to seduce Spike, but he's "never in the mood". Harmony suggests a game, so he has her dress up like the Slayer. That works.

Dawn goes to see Spike in the morning/afternoon. She likes hanging with Spike because he talks to her straight. Doesn't tiptoe around things. Buffy goes to find Dawn when she finds she's not home after school. It's dark now. He's telling stories to Dawn about killing people back in his bad days. Buffy breaks in and starts yelling at Spike for hanging out with Dawn. Dawn wants Spike to finish the story. He edits the ending in Buffy's presence. Dawn sort of has a crush on Spike. Buffy tries to tell Dawn Spike is a monster. Dawn tells B that Spike has a crush on HER, and she's all flabbergasted. How did she not notice this?

The next day Xander and Buffy go to check out the train massacre. Buffy tells Xander about Dawn thinking Spike's in love with her. Xander laughs. Xander is jealous that Dawn has a bit of a crush on Spike. Joyce is entertaining Spike and Dawn at home. Spike is being all charming, like he does. Spike knows info on the train thing and takes Buffy to where the vamps are holed up. They're doing a stakeout. When they enter the nest the vampires just run. They had nothing to do with the murders, as they'd obviously been there awhile. Buffy confronts Spike about the crush. She acts very disgusted. He's a bit more confident than he has been in the past. He tells her he can be good. She rejects him definitively.

When Spike gets home, Dru is there seeking reconciliation.

Dru wants to be a family again with Angel and Darla. There's a whole Angel plot thing going on. Darla came back from the dead as a human but Dru made her a vamp again and now they're trying to turn Angel bad again. Dru had to kill all those people on the train because Angel (as Angelus maybe? She called him Angelus, but I don't remember the details) set her on fire. Possibly Darla too. Dru knows about Spike's chip. She tries to seduce him, of course. Harmony shows up, confronts her for breaking Spike's heart. Spike throws Harmony out, violently. Then he kisses Dru after saying "I'm back". Buffy tells Joyce and Willow about Spike's crush. Willow thinks she needs to talk to him again and make it really clear there's no chance with her, ever.

Spike and Dru are dancing at the Bronze. they pick a couple to kill together. Dru breaks the neck of the girl in the couple real quick so Spike can feed on her. He has a moment where he almost can't do it, then he does. Meanwhile, B is at Spike's crypt. She doesn't break in violently this time. She goes down to the underground part of the crypt and discovers a little shrine he's got going to her: drawings, the mannequin dressed in her clothes, etc.

When she goes back upstairs Spike is there with Dru. Dru knocks her out with a cattle prod. Then he knocks Dru out with the cattle prod. When B and D wake up, they're both tied up. Spike tells Buffy he loves her and that he's going to kill Dru to prove it to her.

This is a bad way to show "love". Buffy tells him he can't love without a soul, but Dru tells her, "We can you know, if not wisely." He tells her how seriously important Dru is to him and how much it means to kill her for Buffy. He threatens to untie Dru and let her kill B if she doesn't admit there's some teeny tiny possibility that "there's a chance". She won't do it. And he won't let Dru kill her. He starts yelling. Blames Dru for cheating with the chaos demon. Admits he knows his feelings for Buffy are wrong, but he can't change them. Decides he really should just kill them both. Harmony shows up as he's saying this and hits him with a crossbow. Misses the heart. Past, present, and future are all there. Harmony intends to kill Spike. They fight as Dru frees herself and starts attacking B. Spike gets Dru off her and undoes her chains. Dru leaves. Harmony does also. Buffy knocks Spike across the room and leaves.

Spike chases her back to her house. She tells him to leave her alone, leave town, etc. He tries to follow her into the house, but she's revoked her invitation. She shuts the door on him.

I used to hate her for that, but I completely get it now. He's, like I keep saying episode after episode, obsessed with her and it isn't really love. Or if it is, it isn't a good kind of love. He can't think about anything but her, and that's never healthy. Yes, Spike can be insightful and compassionate, and his "love" is very loyal in its tunnel-vision-ness, and he would do anything for Buffy, but it's not right. It's not a good thing, and even though I'm sure B is attracted to him and knows their sex would be freaking fantastic, she can't reinforce him. She really needs to shut him out entirely, even though it hurts to see him rejected. This is exactly what most women don't do when men are unnaturally possessive of them. I mean, he tied her up and let his ex knock her out with a cattle prod. He tried to KILL his ex in front of her in order to show her how much he cares about her! I used to think that was sweet. What the hell was wrong with me? I still kind of do, that's the sick part. But I understand why I shouldn't. You have to know your worth is more than being treated like an obsession. Obsession isn't good for any party involved and Spike needs to learn a different way to love. Ultimately, we find that he cannot do this without a soul. Even though he's a total mess, I still think Spike is one of the most interesting characters on this show. I don't really have a crush on him anymore, and that's progress (!), but I think he's terribly interesting nonetheless.