Monday, April 8, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Checkpoint.

episode 90.
airdate: 23 Jan 2001.

Everyone is having a meeting at Joyce's. The Watchers Council are coming. Glory is in need of a brain. Her minions bring her one. She's overly confident about killing the Slayer.

Quentin (Watcher head dude) is very intimidating, on purpose. Makes everyone twitchy. Condescending as all getout. They close the Magic Box "for the duration of the Council's review". God, they're such asses. They're not going to give up any of their "information" on Glory until she passes their "tests".

Buffy has some interesting insights during history class about Rasputin, but the professor humiliates her with his tiny penis, metaphorically of course. Later, Spike "helps" Buffy with the staking. Michael just asked, "Is this the day that they wear matching outfits?" Ha, they are! The minions come to Ben requesting information on Buffy and her friends and their habits. Buffy barges into the magic shop to see the entire force of the Council. About the "exhaustive examination of your procedures and abilities". Calls her friends "civilians". Giles stands up for Buffy valiantly. They threaten shutting down the Magic Box and deporting Giles. She pretty much feels like she has to comply. Giles says it's a "power play". Buffy is whiney and feels helpless, just like the last time the Council was in town.

The Council is doing an exhaustive interview process with all of Buffy's friends, including Spike. Another test involves blindfolding Buffy and barking Japanese commands at her, which Giles then translates for her. Buffy goes home after a long day of Council shit and Glory is there. She's there to talk, not to fight. Glory meets Dawn. Glory threatens her with the killing of her mom, sis, and friends. Buffy brings Dawn and Joyce to Spike's crypt, asking him to look after them. Joyce and Spike immediately bond over "Passions".

There's a big final psychological meeting at the Magic Box with the Council. Buffy has to fight some knight-type dudes with swords, all ninja-like. Turns out they're the "Knights of Byzantium". There's a bunch of them. They want to destroy the Key, but they're not aligned with Glory. She kills the first three, but not the last (after unmasking him and realizing he's human).

Buffy announces "there isn't going to be a review". She tells them that people have been lining up to tell her how unimportant she is. Glory telling her she could squash her like a bug...but she doesn't. It's about power, and SHE has it. She throws a sword at one of the Council dudes who interrupts her. She tells 'em off right good. mmmmm-hmmm. She makes her demands: the Magic Box stays open, Giles stays and is officially reinstated as her Watcher to be paid retroactively from the month he was fired, and they tell her everything they know about Glory.

"Glory isn't a demon....she's a god."