Saturday, April 20, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Entropy.

episode 118.
airdate: 30 Apr 2002.

The troika are hunting vamps on vehicles. They miss, Buffy kills them while Spike taunts her.

Xander is listening to sad music and drinking at home. He goes out. Anya was watching him from the bushes.

Willow and Tara are flirting at school. Tara reassures her the woman she saw her with the other day is just a friend. They're all giggly. Buffy and Dawn are spending the day together.

Warren and Andrew are talking about how they're leaving Jonathan soon, or more exactly, that they won't have to worry about him much longer.

Xander gets home and Anya is there. Xander apologizes to Anya about everything. He tells her he was an idiot, that he should have said something earlier about not being ready to get married and her face falls, just as she's starting to get hopeful. She thought they'd just redo the wedding when he wants to start over dating. As her back is turned, her face morphs to demon. She's gone back to vengeance. Anya has been trying to curse Xander herself, but she needs to have someone else make the wish for her. B is trying to spend more time with Dawn, but Dawn suggests she hang out with her, go patrolling, learn some skills. B says no, of course.

Willow and Tara are having a coffee date when Anya shows up and tries to get them to wish horrible things upon Xander. They sympathize with her pain, but won't make any wishes. Anya talks to Dawn next. Then Buffy. Anya's been wearing all red both days she's been back. Xander shows up as Anya is talking to B and she storms off. Buffy talks Xander into NOT following her and he kicks a gnome in the yard. It breaks and they find a camera inside. Xander suspects Spike. Buffy goes to confront him. He tells her "I don't hurt you". She tries to tell him to get over her, but he kicks her out. Anya decides Spike is the one that could wish Xander harm as he comes into the shop in search of a numbing spell, or a de-love spell. Anya produces some whiskey and they drink together. Jonathan is doing a complicated spell for some unknown reason. They've found the location where they need to go, whatever that means.

Spike and Anya are drinking together, lamenting their lost loves. Anya, ultimately, is also an evil creature on a path to redemption. She sure went back to being a demon pretty quickly. So I guess I should be happy for Xander that he got out of that relationship. Perhaps it wouldn't have worked anyway. Willow is trying to find the location of where the camera went back to and she finds out there are other cameras all over town, in places where they all frequent (Xander's site, Willow's school, the Doublemeat Palace, and yep, the Magic Box!).

Cheesy side note: the whiskey they're drinking is Evan Williams and it was supposed to be something Giles left behind at the shop. Giles would totally drink something classier, like Maker's Mark or something. Come on!

Just as Spike and Anya have decided to take solace in one another, which I totally get, by the way. They're both hundreds (in Anya's case, 1000+) years old. They used to be evil and then fell for really nice not-evil humans that left them. It makes COMPLETE sense that they'd do it after sharing a bottle of whiskey. Anyway, just as they're beginning to do it, Willow pulls up the video feed for the Magic Box and Xander, Willow, and B see them doing it. Dawn walks in. Willow notices that Buffy looks really upset. Xander has gone out with weapons. Willow notices. Dawn goes out to talk to Buffy. Willow comes out to tell Buffy Xander left with her ax. Buffy has to go save Spike now. After the sex, Anya feels guilty and it's clear that will never happen again. Spike is respectful without words. As he is leaving he barely misses the ax. Anya stops him from staking Spike just as Buffy shows up.

Xander is meannnnnn, here. He is so not my pretend boyfriend in this episode. He tells her he feels sick looking at her because she "had sex with that". Spike says, "Good enough for Buffy." So now it's out. Everyone knows. Xander leaves, then B. Then Spike and Anya. Everyone is alone.

Except, Tara walks into Willow's bedroom and says the following: When things fall apart, they fall apart so hard. You can't ever put 'em back the way they were. You know, it takes time. You can't just have coffee and expect, there's just so much to work through. Trust has to be built again on both sides, we have to learn if we're even the same people that we were, if you can fit in each other's lives. It's a long, important process, and...can we just skip it? Can you just be kissing me now?

And they're reconciled. This season doesn't have much reprieve from the pain, but it sure does make those moments so much sweeter.